Wednesday, 15 April 2020

My Make Up Staples

When I decamped to my mum's a month ago, I knew that I'd  probably be here a while, at least three months, and also that I'd be limited in what I could bring with me in terms of make up and skincare. That's not to say that I didn't shamelessly overpack because of course I did, more is more after all. 

Now I'm not much of a one for no make up make up, whilst I see the appeal of dewy skin and a barely-there lipstick, on me it reads as shiny and sweaty, and honestly, without lipstick on I might as well just not have a face. I also think that I just look better with a full face of slap on. I blame the patriarchy. So if this seems like it's a lot for just slobbing round my mum's house, well, it's because it is. And before we get into it, I'm definitely not wearing make up everday. Most days I can be found in my comfies in front of Disney +. Anyway, here are the make up bits, my make up staples if you will, that I brought with me to see me through lockdown.

Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation in Pure Ivory (£10.99) - A firm foundation favourite for a few months now, Maybelline's dreamy Urban Cover Foundation was one of the first things I packed, and then forgot about hence the bottle of L'Oreal's True Match that I also brought with me. But I'll get to that. Apparently a shameless dupe of the cult It CC Cream, which for reasons unknown to me I am still yet to try, Urban Cover has a lightweight liquid formula that blends seamlessly into the skin, either with a brush, sponge or fingers, leaving a flawless, airbrushed base in its wake. It offers a medium to full coverage with a light, fresh finish that isn't quite matte but not particularly dewy either. It's also got Broad Spectrum SPF 50 - the best kind! - which I obviously love being an SPF fiend! Seriously, guys I cannot stress how much I love a good facial sunscreen, but I digress. It also feels lovely on the skin, refreshing instead of claggy, which you definitely wouldn't expect for something with such a high SPF, and it wears really well. There's really not much not to love about this foundation. 

KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lovecraft (out of stock) - One of four Kat Von D lipsticks I brought with me - you guys know that they're my one and only for liquid lipstick - Lovecraft is definitely the one I've found myself reaching for the most. As close to a nude as I will go, which is to say not nude at all, Lovecraft is a soft raspberry pink, that has just a bit of brown to it that makes it super wearable. I've sung the praises of the KVD Liquid Lipsticks time and time again on here so I won't bang on about it too much for risk of repeating myself. It lasts really well, although that's much less a concern in these actually very concerning times, feels comfortable on the lips and fades down to an even stain. It's possibly my favourite lipstick for a reason lads, and that reason is that it's effin' marvellous. 

L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation in  Rose Ivory (£9.99) - Is a very old favourite of mine, I've had a long term love affair with this foundation that's lasted at least 12 years, probably more. It was one of the first foundations I ever used, that's how long we're talking! And in that time it has undergone a couple of changes to become the powerhouse it is today. Who am I kidding? It always was a powerhouse, but now it has the added bonus of combining make up with skincare and boasts 40 shades! Which honestly, shouldn't be as groundbreaking as it is.  
Anywho, the latest formulation is infused with hyaluronic acid, glycerin and aloe vera to hydrate, while vitamin B2 and pro vitamin B5 act as healing agents. It also claims to have anti-pollutant properties, be non-comedogenic and has SPF 17, which isn't great but every little helps. 
Like Urban Cover the formulation is light and liquid and applies beautifully, packing a punch in the coverage stakes without looking cakey or mask like, instead leaving a perfected and radiant, yet skin like finish. I'm a big fan of this foundation, but I always have been. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light (£45) - The spenniest item on this list but this pan of perfectly pressed powder is worth every penny and more. No one tell Hourglass but I would pay more for this. The Ambient Lighting Powders have reached cult status, and for very good reason, but I never really got the hype, until I tried Dim Light last year, and then I got it. Dim Light is the only one of the Ambient Lighting powders I've tried but I absolutely love it. A buttery soft setting powder in a neutral peachy beige, Dim Light applies beautifully, without any caking, and adds a really pretty lit-from-within-glow to the skin. I love it so much and couldn't be without it. Not that that was an option because I use it everyday, but still. 

Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze (£15) - So I should preface this by saying that I'm a nightmare when it comes to packing. I'm a chronic overpacker, and the longer I have to pack the more crap I tend to pack, so really it's better if I leave it till the last minute. It's also incredibly stressful, and I tend to make some bold choices, enter Glossier's Cloud Paint, which I kind of grabbed in a mad panic, having NEVER used it before. Luckily, this bold choice paid off because I've been using it since for a month now and I absolutely LOVE it. 
Glossier Cloud Paints are a gel-cream blush with a lightweight 'pillowy' formula that blends into the skin to provide a 'natural, flushed from within glow', and honestly, that's exactly what it does. I have the shade Haze, which is a really pretty deep berry colour, that when tapped into the skin, either with fingers or a beauty blender, gives my chubby cheeks a rose-y glow. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I do and I would fully expect to see this in my next Favourites video if I were you. 

Glossier Boy Brow in Brown (£14) - A product that absolutely needs no introduction but is going to get one anyway, Glossier's Boy Brow is one of Glossier's hero products and one that I've been using nearly everyday for a long old time now. To be honest I could probably do with a new one but I digress. Boy Brow is essentially a styling pomade that brushes through the brows - it has the teeniest brush ever - leaving them smooth and sleek without making them look stiff or crunchy. It is amazzing, and in the couple of years since Glossier launched in the UK it has become my go to brow product. Having said all that, I'm fully expecting to have full-on wolf man eyebrows by the time this over, and no amount of Boy Brow is going to fix that. Luckily, I have a fringe, which will have also grown out before lockdown ends... maybe I'll have to start plucking my eyebrows again...

Smashbox Super Fan Mascara (£18) - is my all time favourite mascara, well certainly Top Three anyway, and that is not something I say lightly. Although I'm not particularly loyal to my mascaras, Super Fan is one I keep coming back to because it is so good AND actually does what it says it will. Promising long, volumised and 'super fanned' out lashes for up to 12 hours, Super Fan totally delivers. Although, I've never confirmed its 12 hour claims, because honestly, who wears mascara for that long. Anyway, it has a plastic brush which really defines and separates the lashes, giving that false fanned out lash effect, and an excellent formula that sticks around pretty much until you're ready for it come off. I'm a big fan, one could even say I'm a Super Fan. I'll see myself out... 

MAC Burgundy Times Nine Eye Shadow x 9 palette (£26) - This is one of the aforementioned bold choices that worked out. Honestly, I was surprised when I found myself reaching for this as I was searching through my eye shadow palette drawer - yes, I have a drawer dedicated to eye shadow palettes, don't worry I can hear the privilege - and came up with this. I was looking for something small and portable that would give me some choices in case I got bored of rocking the same eye look everyday and this delivers on all counts. Burgundy Times Nine was once my go to palette and having been using nothing else for the past four weeks I can remember why. The shades are all really wearable -  even the bolder more glittery numbers - and last really well on the lid, with most being a one swipe and done kind of number. Normally, this isn't someything I'd describe as a staple, I still think it's here for it's portability more than anything but it is a very lovely palette.

What are your make up staples?

L xxx

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