Wednesday, 11 December 2019

December Goals

Ho Ho Holy fucking shit it's December! Not only that but it's nearly two weeks into December. 2019 is nearly over! How the fuck did that happen? And how come I haven't achieved everything I wanted to? Isn't time terrifying?! The older I get the quicker it goes by and before I know it I'll probably be dead. I jest. Kind of. What a way to start a post about Christmas!Anywho, now that we're here and there's nothing we can do about it, we might as well talk about my goals for the coming month. Here goes.

1. Read 10 books

It’s taken a really long time but I’m finally back in a place where I’m habitually reading. It finally happened, lads! I'm so happy! I’ve read 30 books this year! 30 is a lot, but I'd really like that number to be 40, I'd settle for 35 but 40 is better. Getting to 40 would mean I've read 76.9% of a book a week, bringing me that much closer to my ultimate one-book-a-week goal. Now I know 10 sounds like a massive number but I always read a ton in December, especially during Betwixtmas (the cosy, magical time between Christmas and New Year), so I'm feeling hopeful. Luckily, I'm not at all short of reading material, so that's good.

2. Be prepared

Every year Christmas sneaks up on me. One minute it's September and I'm feeling all autumnal and cosy and the next its December and I'm dashing round like a headless chicken to get everything done. It's stressful!  And it's really getting old now. I just want to get all my shopping done, my presents wrapped, my decorations bought and up, and any cooking (LOL) I have to do done in good time so I can actually enjoy Christmas. I'm really struggling to get into the Christmas spirit this year - I've even watched The Muppets Christmas Carol AND Elf and just... nothing - but I'm hoping that if I actually get my shit together, it will kick in soon. Fingers crossed.

3. Get through it

Or should I say: 'Get through it without calling anyone a c**t'. I can't make any promises but I will try. I know I'm sounding especially Grinchy this year, so let me just say Christmas is wonderful. Christmas is joy and love and seeing people, lots of people and you know what it's also fucking hard. Especially for us introverts. Being around a lot of people for long periods of time, especially when you love those people, can be draining and actually quite difficult for some people. Me. It's difficult for me. So while this Christmas will be lovely and joyful and wonderful and all that jazz, there will definitely be some points where I'll be hiding in someone else's bathroom having a jolly little scream into a towel. Just like every Christmas. So if I can get through it will all my relationships intact and without crying I'll be happy.

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