Wednesday, 8 May 2019

May Goals

May is here. May. We're so far into the year now that before we know it it'll be Christmas. I know, I know I say the same thing every month - it annoys me too - but if I didn't set my monthly goals I don't think I'd really notice the passage of time as much, but I do, and time is just disappearing. I feel like I just sat down to write my April Goals and BAM we're already in May. Anywho, let's talk about my May Goals, shall we? 

Write everyday

I love writing, I’ve always loved writing. But it can be really hardwork. Especially when you write for a living, which I do. Honestly, the fact that I get to say that is beyond amazing, however it does have its downside, because when writing is your job, it becomes a job, something to be ticked off a list. It can take all the joy out of it and, depending on the size and scope of the subject matter, it can be really, really fucking hard. And boring. Recently, I’ve become a bit jaded with writing. The love hasn’t gone but I’m struggling. And because of that struggle I don’t want to do it, putting pen to paper, or fingertips to keys, feels like an insurmountable challenge. The only thing I can think that will help is to write more. Specifically write more for the sheer joy of writing, write things that are just for me, so it doesn’t matter how shit they are. I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself and my writing and I need to take it off and just write. It’s genuinely the only way I think I’ll be able get over this particular bump, and it’s the only way I’ll get better. Writing is a skill and I need to cultivate it, and the only way to do that is to write more.

Finish Game of Thrones

Guys, it finally happened. I’ve started watching Game of Thrones, and more importantly I like Game of Thrones. I really like Game of Thrones. It’s so good. The hype was real. Who knew? Luckily, the entire back catalogue is on NowTV (*not spon) just waiting for me to watch it. Unluckily the first six seasons are only there until the end of the month. Herein lies the problem, I do not have the kind of binge watching mentality that a show like Game of Thrones almost demands from its viewers. I just don’t. I left it at uni alongside my ability to concentrate on one thing for more than 45 minutes and my fondness for neon coloured tights. Watching 56 hours (I’ve nearly finished season two) of GOT in just over three weeks is going to be a real challenge. A real challenge. I genuinely don’t think I’ll manage it, but damnit, I’m going to try. Wish me luck. 

Read more

I actually read quite a lot. It took some time, nothing kills a love for reading quite like an English degree IMO, but I’m finally back in a place where I’m reading fairly regularly - I’ve managed to get through 17 books so far this year - however, reading is always something that I want to be doing more of. Especially because it’s so intrinsically linked to writing. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the Wonder Woman of Fleabag and Killing Eve fame, said in her Vogue 70 questions interview that reading is the best way to get over a bout of writer’s block, and I can actually see where she’s coming from. I know when I read a particularly good book or piece of journalism it galvanises me. It makes me not only want to write but to pour all my efforts into writing something good, and that is why I want to read more this month. 

What are your goals this month? Xx

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