Wednesday, 6 February 2019

February Goals 2019

A new month (FINALLY! January lasted forever) means new goals. I didn't set any goals last month because I made the decision that instead of a laundry list of resolutions I was just going to let myself be. Yes, there are things I want to achieve, but ultimately my main goal for this month, this year, this life is to accept myself, warts and all, because it's something I should have done a long time ago. 
Having said that, refusing to buy into 'New Year, New Me' isn't the same as not believing in self-improvement, which I do, and there are definitely one or two simple things I could be doing to make life better and easier. Let's get into it.

Get up early 

Before Christmas I was trying to get into the habit of getting up at 5 AM during the week. I didn’t do it everyday but the days when I did were significantly better than the days when I didn’t. I had more energy, my mood was significantly better, I was more awake, I had more time and I felt like I was achieving so much more in my day. Since being back at work I’ve really struggled to get back into it - I blame January - but with all the good stuff that comes with being an early riser I’d be a fool not to give it another go. It’s fucking hard though!  

Value my time more

I recently read, and loved, Sarah Knight’s The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck, and while a lot of the things she said really reasonated with me, there’s one thing that I just haven’t been able to get out of my head. And that was: money and energy are renewable resources, essentially, but time isn’t. We start running out of time from the moment we’re born. Even though this is something I’ve always been painfully aware of, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I think seeing someone else say it has kind of shocked me into action. I don’t want to waste time I don’t have on shit I don’t care about. I just don’t. 

Plan more fun stuff 

Coupled with the realisation that I’m not going to live forever has come an intense need to fill my life with experiences that make me happy. So far this year I’ve booked to go to the Isle of Wight Festival (eeep), to see Fleetwood Mac and The Xcerts, and to see Jurassic Park at the Natural History Museum. And that’s just the beginning. I also want to go to Slam Dunk South, head to the Edinburgh Fringe and spend a sunny day in Paris. Mostly though guys, I just want to fill my life with great experiences. Plus I find that having fun stuff planned galvanises me, makes me so much more productive and just generally makes me happier. Win win! 

What are your goals this month? X

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