Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Nars Lipstick Haul

If you watched my Menzingers vlog you might recall me coming out of Nars in Covent Garden with  a big ol' bag of goodies. Well, I've left you in suspense long enough, it's time to reveal the contents of that bag. Surprise, surprise it was full of lipstick! Sidenote: remember last year when I went through my non-lipstick wearing phase? That was super weird! Thankfully, that phase is well and truly over, especially now I’ve got these bad boys hanging around in my make up bag. Let's dive in, goggles at the ready kids

Sex Machine (Christ! I hate the name) was the entire reason I went into Nars in the first place, and therefore the subsequent lipstick haul is entirely its fault, and not mine. SM - I don’t want to have to say Sex Machine again... damnit - is the most incredibly wearable mauve pink shade that  has already made its way into my everyday rotation. It’s a velvety soft matte, my favourite kind, with a creamy, smooth texture that applies beautifully and effortlessly, just gliding onto the lips. It even has reasonable wear time, especially when considering how creamy the formula is, and it fades down into a nice even stain. If it wasn’t for the stupid name I’d say it was damn near perfect. 

Nars Lipstick in Barbarella

Whilst something of a Nars cult classic, Barbarella was a bit of a risky purchase for me. I’ll be honest, I was talked into it by the impossibly cool make up artist, who was so cool I probably would’ve bought anything she told me to. Barbarella is the exact shade of peachy orange that I, with my pasty blue-toned complexion, would normally avoid like the plague. It’s far too orange and doesn’t work well with my skin tone. Or so I thought. In reality, despite the rather aggressive shade in the bullet, it’s actually really wearable, more of a mellowed out peach tone than an out and out orange. It’s also worth noting, that when layered over Nars’ Cap D’ail Lip Liner - I’ll get to that - it’s transformed into a rosy pink which is right in my wheelhouse. I do love a rosy pink. Now my only gripe with it is the finish, which is super glossy and really not my thing. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t have bought this... and this whole paragraph has just been a massive justification to myself. Lol. 

Another spur of the moment purchase, but this time in a shade I love/will wear a lot and therefore worth the money, unlike Barbarella, which on reflection I shouldn’t have bought and will be giving to my sister. Anyway. Let’s talk about Anna. Because Anna is a total fucking babe of a lipstick. Matte, like I like them, with excellent colour pay off and an opaque yet creamy and comfortable texture Anna pretty much ticks all my boxes. She, yes she’s a she, even has good wear time, doesn’t need reapplying every five minutes whilst still adding a layer of moisture to the lips. Seriously, she’s perfect, and that’s BEFORE I’ve even talked about the colour, which is a mauve-purple-pink hybrid that is both statement and wearable and looks amazing with fresh skin and smokey eyes. I love Anna. I just do. There, I’ve said it. I think, it’s safe to say that more of the Audacious lipsticks will be making their way into my collection. And I’m not even sorry. 

In the last year or so I’ve become a total lip liner convert, because they really do make my lipstick last longer. Plus it’s a part of my make up routine that I really enjoy doing. I find it weirdly satisfying. So with that many lipsticks already in my basket, a lip liner was inevitable. Enter Cap-D’Ail, a smooth, pigmented and easy to apply dream of a liner. Similar to Mac’s Soar, which is a firm favourite of mine, Cap D’Ail is a dusky pink mauve - are you beginning to see a pattern here? - with an excellent formula, that is both long-wearing and comfortable and provides a great base for lipsticks to grip on to. It’s awesome! 

What have you been spending your money on? Xx

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