Wednesday, 15 August 2018

The Summer Foundation Smackdown

L-R: L'Oreal True Match, L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover, CYO Lifeproof

Welcome ladies and gentleman, boys and girls to the Summer Foundation Smackdown! Where I explore three foundations to see how they hold up in this unbearable heat. Hint: It's not well!

Since the end of May we’ve been experiencing a monster heat wave here in the UK, it seems to have passed now, thank God!  But it transformed me, a functioning human, into a sweaty, barely functioning oil slick. Which means that my foundation wasn’t sticking around very long at all. So over the past couple of weeks I made it my mission to try out a bunch of foundations to see if there was anything that could last on my sweaty, sweaty face. It turns out there wasn't but let's talk about the results.

(Disclaimer: to be fair to all the foundations I tested them for the same amount of time, three days, and used powder and setting spray to give them all a fighting chance)

In third place, and possibly my least favourite foundation ever, is L'Oreal's Infallible Total Cover Foundation. I found this foundation really disappointing. For something that claims to offer longwearing, ‘infallible’ coverage - it claims to cover tattoos, just fyi - it isn't very covering and it doesn't last very long either. For me, and I appreciate everyone has different skin types and opinions, it just didn't deliver. I also found that it doesn’t apply very well at all, the mousse-y, cream-to-powder texture just sits oddly on the skin without absorbing. It also wasn't sweat proof as I'd sweat it almost completely off within a couple of hours. So overall, I really wasn't impressed. Luckily my sister quite likes this stuff, I don't know why but again we're all different, so I'll pass it on to her.

Now this I really liked. I hadn't heard much about CYO other than it had replaced Seventeen as Boots in-house brand, so I didn't really know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. Providing medium natural-looking coverage, Lifeproof has a very light texture that can be built up to something with much higher coverage whilst still looking very skin-like. It also applies really nicely and stays in place well, despite how much I was sweating, which was a lot, I can't stress this enough.

And in first place, L’Oreal completely redeems itself with True Match which, despite being one of my all time favourites, I hadn't used in about 2 years and had totally forgotten about how good it is. It's good skin in a bottle even on the sweatiest days. It offers medium to high coverage, has a light buildable formula and almost mimics the skin so it looks completely natural on. It also stays put really well, despite my sweaty, sweaty face. It was a clear winner, being the only one to still be on past lunchtime.

What are your favourite summertime foundations?

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