Wednesday, 11 July 2018


If you've met me like ever or even briefly glanced at my instagram stories then you'll know that music is a major (not sorry for that pun) part of my life. Always has been. I love it and because I have excellent taste, in my opinion, I thought I’d share just five of the songs that I'm currently obsessing over. Enjoy

I've been a fan of the 'Mac since I was 14 and my Dad told me I looked like Stevie Nicks (I don't, but it's still the nicest thing he's ever said to me), but I've only recently discovered this song, after watching 1997's The Dance. Written by Nicks, originally for the band's iconic Rumours album, Silver Springs is an angry, sad and bittersweet look at her epic and effed up relationship with Lindsey Buckingham. It's incredible. Gorgeous and brutal. I love it. 

As obsessed as I am with the original, and trust me I am, Sheryl Crow is a goddess, I think Haim's cover might actually be better. I know, I know, I didn't see that one coming either, but it's an incredible cover, and the arrangement is awesome! Having said that it is just a great song, Haim cover or no, the lyrics are stunning and powerful, and my god they're so relatable. If the future Mr Lauren is reading this, I doubt it but you never know, then listen the hell up because this song explains everything you need to know about me! Also Haim's cover of Shania Twain's That Don't Impress Me Much is awesome and you should definitely listen to that too! 

After I saw The Killers in November last year, after waiting about 10 years, I completely fell in love with their latest album, particularly this song. On the right/wrong day, usually one when I'm PMSing, Rut has the power to reduce me to a sobbing mess. It is beautiful. And sad. And hopeful. And I fucking love it! 

I first came across The Menzingers at the backend of last year, when I was in Florida and I heard them on the radio while I was in the back of an Uber, and they've become one of my very favourite bands. They haven't knocked Biffy off the top spot yet, but they're up there. Anyway, I love and repeatedly listen to most of their songs - being basically in love with the Rented World album which is incredible - but lately I've been listening to After the Party, both the album and the song, loads. After the Party is nostalgic and wistful and completely fucking awesome!  

You weren't expecting to make it through this entire list without at least one Biffy mention, were you? Their cover of God Only Knows is perfect. It's emotional, heartwarming, joyful and utterly gorgeous. It is all of the heart eyed emojis and then some! 

What songs are you loving right now? Any recommendations for me? xxx

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