Wednesday, 23 May 2018

A Major Glossier Haul

A Major Glossier Haul
Wednesday, 23 May 2018
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Glossier has been creating a major stir in the beauty industry ever since it launched a couple of years ago. Created by Emily Weiss, CEO and founder of renowned beauty blog Into the Gloss, Glossier aims to deliver simple, easy-to-use and effective products. 

The brand has gone from strength to strength and has received reviews so glowing that I'm tempted to ask exactly where they got their highlighter.  So when it finally became available in the UK I was online and punching my debit card details into the checkout faster than you could say overdraft. And naturally, I went a bit overboard, for research purposes of course. How else am I supposed to properly dip my toes in and get a real feel for the brand if I don't try almost everything? I mean really, I'm just being a responsible blogger. 

The Milky Jelly Cleanser has become something of a cult favourite ever since it launched, and it was one of the first things I added to my basket.  Essentially the MJC is a gel cleanser that emulsifies into a milk on contact with water. It's designed to cleanse, soothe and purify the skin, whilst being very gentle,  and features some amazing ingredients including rosewater, comfrey root extract and pro-vitamin B5 to calm, heal and moisturise. Now full disclosure time I haven't actually tried it yet - I'm currently using the Skin Regimen Anti-pollution Cleansing Cream, which is very nice by the way, thanks for asking - but based on the ingredients, the reviews I've seen and the kind of cleanser it is.,  I think we're going to get along famously, and I can't wait to get stuck in. 

The Priming Moisturiser is exactly that, a light and buildable priming moisturiser that promises to deliver soft, smooth and dewy skin, primed and ready for make up. It contains hyaluronic acid and mushroom extract to plump and hydrate the skin, and an anti-redness complex featuring tea extracts and honey to calm the skin and reduce the appearance of redness. I've actually been using this for about a week now, and I like it. It has a really nice, light texture and it does leave my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Would I buy it again? I don't know, I don't love it. 

Balm Dotcom is a universal lip skin salve designed to nourish and repair dry and chaffed skin. It contains bees wax, extracts of rice bran and rosemary leaf and castor seed oil to protect from free radical damage and seal in moisture. I chose the Birthday balm, because I thought it would smell amazing, and I was right. 

 Generation G is a super lightweight sheer matte lipstick which features less pigment to create a diffused 'just blotted' effect on the lips. Interestingly, they're designed to adapt to the wearer's natural lip colour so it'll look different on everyone who wears it. I chose Zip, which is a poppy red shade, but I was torn between that and Crush, a raspberry pink which is also very pretty. I'll be honest , when I first tried this I wasn't all that impressed, I like my mattes super-pigmented, Kat Von D pigmented. However, since wrapping my head around the concept I actually quite like it. It has an amazing texture that's so comfortable to wear, and it's a nice lipstick on those days when I want to make an effort but don't want to look too 'done'. I like it. 

Boy Brow - £14

Since having a fringe cut two months ago there's been no need for me to do anything to my brows because you can't see them anymore, so I haven't tried this yet. Having said that it is known for being one of Glossier's hero products and is something of a must have for anyone with visible eyebrows. Boy Brow is a styling pomade that is designed to fill and shape the brows. It has a teeny tiny brush that is really good for combing through without getting any product on your forehead, and it contains natural waxes: beeswax and carnauba, that are designed to hold the brows in place without making them stiff or crunchy. To be honest I might end up giving this to my sister, purely because my fringe ain't going nowhere, and I don't need it. 

First of all I cannot stress how amazing this smells! The scent is incredible. Second of all it's sooo nice! The Priming Moisturiser Rich is essentially the Priming Moisturiser kicked up a gear, and I like it so much because of it. It contains a blend of murumuru and shea butters, to give the cream a non-greasy, meltable texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin. Other ingredients include: lavender oil (which is probably responsible for the beautiful scent), red algae and fatty acids to lock in moisture, comfort and soothe. I love this. 

Super Pure Serum - £24 

I love a good serum! Serums and facial oils are my favourite skin care items, so when I spotted this during my Glossier frenzy I couldn't leave without it. My skin, as we all know, is shit, hormonal and shit. And I am always looking for some miracle product that will rid me of my imperfections. Could this be the one? Well, realistically, no... I'm pretty sure no such product exists. Having said that, this seems to come pretty darn close. Designed for problem skin types the Super Pure serum is formulated with Vitamin B3 and Zinc to fight blemishes, rid the skin of impurities and excess sebum, reduce redness and soothe irritation. And can we talk about that dinky packaging, tho? Adorable!

Last but not least, and well done if you've made it this far, is the Stretch Concealer, a buildable concealer that offers flexible coverage. This nifty little concealer has an elastic consistency, due to the presence of beeswax and crystalline wax in the formula, which allows the concealer to move with the face, rather than sitting on the surface. It doesn't cake, bunch, crease or clump and offers a nice level of coverage that, like I said, can be built up something more full. I'm a big fan of this! 

What are your Glossier recommendations? xxx
Wednesday, 9 May 2018

May Goals

May Goals
Wednesday, 9 May 2018
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How is it May, already?! How?! Normally I hate starting posts like this, because it's such a bloody blogger cliche - and one I'm very guilty of - but the rate at which this year is moving at is terrifying me. Where has the time gone?! It's frightening! Anyway - existential crises aside - it's been a while since I last set any goals, and now seems as good a time as any for me to make some changes.

Stop procrastinating

I'm a terrible time waster! Seriously, my powers of procrastination are second to none. As I write this I'm also watching old episodes of Bake Off on Netflix and paying way more attention to Mary Berry than what I'm actually typing. I know full well that I'd get this post done quicker, and would do a much better job, if I was giving it my undivided attention but I just can't help myself. I also just took a five minute break from this sentence to scroll through instagram. I have a problem!

Make better use of my free time

I'm always working. Always. I'm either actually at work, or I'm editing videos or working on my blog. I don't stop, and I always have something to do. I really don't have a lot of free time, and usually I'm so knackered that I don't make the most of the free time I do have. I either want to take a little nap, that lasts a whole weekend, or crash in front of Netflix. There's nothing wrong with either of those things, in fact they're both splendid ways to spend some time, but I've recently realised that my time is limited. And I don't mean day to day, although it is, I mean that one day I won't exist anymore. Now, while I'm fully prepared to admit that I am definitely in the throes of a quarter life crisis, it's a very scary thought, and there is so much I want to do. Like learning to play the piano, or reading everything Bryony Gordon has ever written, or getting really, really good at guitar. So I'd better get to doing it really, hadn't I? On that note I'm off to learn the guitar riff from Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight. 

What are your goals this month? xx

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

March & April Favourites

March & April Favourites
Wednesday, 2 May 2018
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This was originally meant to be my March Favourites and then my April Favourites but it's May now, which means this post is desperately late, but I suppose it's better late than never. March and April both went so quickly, and I've been running ragged trying to keep on top of everything lately, and sadly that has meant my blog has suffered. Normally, I would've just scrapped this post but I did have some cracking favourites  that are definitely worth talking about. So, let’s talk about them. 

Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol Free Lavender Toner - £6.43 at

Thayers' Witch Hazel Toner has been around in the US for about a thousand years, but recently it's gained quite the online following and us UK peeps have been cottoning on to its wonders. Designed to soothe and revitalise sensitive, acne-prone skin this toner is formulated with Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera to soothe the skin, while Lavender has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to prevent breakouts. I've been using it for a couple of months now and I really like it. It's very gentle plus it smells amazing. It's not widely available in the UK yet, I picked mine up on my last trip to Florida on one of my many, many trips to Target - I super love Target - after having heard some very good things,  but can be found quite easily with some tactical googling. 

Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA * - £55 at lookfantastic

When I was younger and stupider I never ever wore SPF. I've got very pale skin that doesn't tan, and I rarely burn, so I didn't think SPF was all that important. Now that I'm a grown up it's a whole different story and I'll be the first person to tell you what a fucking idiot I was! Putting photo and premature ageing aside, skin cancer is a very real concern, and literally everyone should be wearing some kind of SPF everyday. I've gone through quite a few SPF loves in the past couple of year - La Roche Posay's Antihelios XL and The Body Shop's Skin Defence are firm favourites - but Murad's latest sun care launch has been giving them a run for their money. This fast absorbing sunscreen is very light but packs a punch in the protection stakes. It's designed to offer protection from five major causes of premature ageing, including UVA and UVB rays, pollution, infrared rays, pollution, and, interestingly, blue light from phones and other devices. I like it because its very lightweight, sinks in really quickly, and makes a good base for make up. 

Vincent Longo Water Canvas Blush in Terra Dew* - £19.95 at lookfantastic

I was gifted this blush at Vincent Longo's UK launch event last year - I know I can't believe I just typed that either! - but I've only recently started using it, and I love it. Firstly, because it's a beautiful colour, a deep raspberry shade, secondly because it has an amazing cream-to-powder formula that just melts into the skin. It contains Microwater, a Vincent Longo exclusive, an active ingredient that intensely hydrates the skin and seals in moisture. It's a really lovely product. 

Lancôme Art Liner - £21.15 at feelunique

Every time I write about eyeliner I tend to mention two things; 1. that I’m something of a liquid liner connoisseur - it’s because I am! - 2. Stile’s Stay All Day Liquid Liner which has become the yardstick which I use to measure, and pass judgment on all other liquid liners because it is effin’ marvellous. So if I favourably compare an eyeliner to Stay All Day it means I really bloody like it, and I really bloody like this liner. It has a fine foam point that makes for really easy yet precise application, and a highly-pigmented formula that lasts for days. Seriously, I wore it when I saw Hamilton so I can tell you with absolute certainty that this stuff is both incredibly waterproof - seriously, I cried four times! - and incredibly long lasting.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Madrid - exclusive to Kat Von D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick set £37.80 at Debenhams (currently out of stock online, may still be available in store) 

Now it just wouldn't be one of my monthly favourites posts without a new Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick obsession now would it? Like all the others this has a beaut formula that stays in place all day while still being ridiculously comfortable to wear. Annoyingly, Madrid is exclusive to the Kat Von D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick set - which I got for was gift from me to me - and isn't sold as a standalone lipstick. Madrid is a warm-toned plum shade, which on me is actually more of a nude - I have very pigmented lips - it's my go to everyday lipstick, because it is so pretty and so effortless. The only problem I have with it is that when it runs out I won't be able to repurchase it, and I really love it! 

Elemis Life Elixir Fortitude Perfume Oil Rollerball* - £28 from Elemis

Last year Elemis launched Life Elixirs, an aromatherapy collection designed as an antidote for modern life. I was lucky enough to be sent a few things, including a yummy smelling candle and some shower oils, but the perfume rollerballs are my favourite. Life Elixirs is made up of five mini collections: Sleep, Calm, Clarity, Fortitude and Embrace. I was originally sent the Calm rollerball, which I loved but lost in Disney's Animal Kingdom, I was then lucky enough to be gifted the Fortitude rollerball to try at this year's Professional Beauty show. Fortitude is my favourite of the five elixirs. It is formulated with 16 essential oils, including geranium, ylang yang and cedarwood, and is designed to make the wearer feel grounded, empowered and strong. Now I don't know if it actually works but it smells gorgeous! 

What are your beauty favourites? Let me know xx

*Disclaimer* products marked with an asterisk * have been sent to me to review. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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