Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Four lovely facial oils

Yesterday, 13th March, was my fifth blogaversary, and, as is time honoured tradition, I completely forgot all about it. I promise one year I will remember and make a big ol' song and dance about the whole thing, but this year ain't that year. I did put up a very emotional instagram post though, you can see that here.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. Facial oils! I love them. I love them a lot. I actually have a funny story about facial oils. Last year I went to see my GP about my skin, my hormonal - it's in italics because it's important - acne was at its very worst and I didn't really know what else to do. During my appointment my doctor asked me what I used on my skin, and he was not prepared for the comprehensive, several-step skin care routine that I reeled off, he was also certainly not expecting me to mention oil cleansers or facial oils. In fact, the fact that I used both seemed to shock and appall, and I found myself on the receiving end of a lecture about how I should only be using baby shampoo (?!) on my skin. Naturally I completely ignored that advice, because seriously ! Baby shampoo?! Plus the best my skin has looked in a long time was due to me rubbing a few drops of the glorious Nude Pro-Genius Oil into my chops every night. Because my acne is HORMONAL - I told you it was important! - it doesn't actually matter what I put on my skin, my stupid hormones will do whatever they damn well please regardless. Having said that, slathering facial oils onto my skin is my favourite step in my aforementioned comprehensive skincare routine. So I've made a little edit of some of my favourite, just for you. Don't say I never give you anything.

Nude Pro-Genius Rescue Oil - £58 at Spack nk out of stock... BOO!

I've mentioned this magical elixir of wonderfulness more times than I can count, read more about it here. It is glorious, and I am legit obsessed with it. It is amazing stuff, seriously. But the powers at be at Space nk aren't as in love with it as I am, because I'm pretty sure it's been discontinued. However, if you can get your hands on this stuff I strongly recommend you do. It contains bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol, organic rose hip oil and vitamin C to repair and clarify the skin. It really does work wonders, and it has a silky smooth texture that feels amazing.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair - £53 at look fantastic

This was one of my February Favourites and it is currently playing a starring role in my night time skincare routine. Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair is something of a cult beauty product, everyone, and I mean everyone, loves it. And I was never really one of them. Don't get me wrong I thought it was okay but it wasn't something that I used very much. However recently I've completely fallen in love with it's silky, quick-drying texture and it's ability to give me a glowing complexion. ANR is designed to intensely hydrate the skin and assist in it's nightly renewal process, while also leaving the skin feeling smooth and strong. Which for me is exactly what it does. It's lovely stuff. I'll be treating myself to a full size bottle next time I find myself passing through Duty Free.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil - £85 at Cult Beauty

Luna is a long time love of mine (read more about it here). If it wasn't so eye wateringly expensive then I would be slapping this stuff on on a daily basis, but, unfortunately, it does cost more than a weekly food shop, so I tend to save it for when my skin is really in need. Luna is a retinol-rich night treatment oil that is designed to improve the skin's overall appearance by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and protecting the skin from sun damage. It is also very nourishing, and contains extract of avocado, concord grape seed and chia to promote strong, healthy, radiant skin. Plus it's blue! I LOVE this stuff.

Caudalie Vine Activ Overnight Detox Oil - £30 at Caudalie

Somehow this oil has never got a mention on here before, despite the fact that I am totally in love with it. This oil is part of Caudalie's amazing Vine Activ anti-pollution range which launched last year. It's an intensive overnight treatment that is designed to renew and replenish tired and stressed skin, while also protecting it from pollution and free radicals. It's formulated with rose hip, lavender, grape seed, carrot and neroli oils to encourage cell renewal whilst ridding the skin of harmful toxins. It also smells, and feels, bloody lovely. 

What are your favourite facial oils? Any recommendations for me? xx

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