Monday, 19 February 2018

(Belated) February Goals 2018

So it's very late in the day to be setting my monthly goals, maybe even too late, what can I say -  a total lack of motivation and organisation has been my downfall this month. Having said that I still have nine days to make a difference and put some of these goals into action. If nothing else it will leave me in a really good position for the next month.

Stress less

I'll be honest, I don't handle stress well. I tend to let stress get on top of me and then when I'm really stressed everything just seems to go to shit, or I stop sleeping, more often than not it's both. This month, in particular has been quite stressful. And I haven't handled it at all well. The good thing is I'm starting to recognise this pattern. The bad thing is I'm rubbish at stopping it. So I'd like to stress less, how I do this is beyond me, but I'm certainly going to try. 

Get motivated

This goes hand in hand with stressing less, because nothing stops me in my tracks more than being stressed. It (metaphorically) paralyses me, and I just do nothing. I'm hoping that combating one, will combat the other, because my motivation for anything other than sleeping has been virtually non-existent. I really need to get my arse in gear. 

Start running 

I'd like to preface this by saying that I'm not a natural runner. At all. I don't like running, and I also get really tight calves, which is unbelievably painful. So, with that in mind, why on earth would I want to start? Well I'd like to run a marathon before I'm 30. Why? Because it's genuinely something I don't think I could do and I'd like to prove myself wrong. Luckily I'm not going to be 30 for another three years and two months, to the day actually, so I've got a lot of time, but I need to start somewhere. 

Finish Breaking Bad - for reals this time OR just let it go! 

I don't know how many times this has featured in my monthly goals. I would hazard a guess at maybe four, either way its too bloody many. You would think that if I hadn't finished it by now, I would just give up. Logically I know that's what I should do, because if it's taken me this long to get to season two then I'm obviously not enjoying it. Having said that when I start something I have to finish it, even if I'm not enjoying it. It's a compulsion. Breaking Bad is a classic example of this. At this point I just need to watch it, so that I've watched it so I don't have to watch it ever again. Plus people do keep telling me how good it is.

Make more time for myself

I don't have a lot of time just for myself. I'm never not busy, if it's not work it's something else. And I just need some time where I can chill the f**k out. 

What were your goals for this month? x

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