Wednesday, 13 December 2017

December Goals

It’s December, which means Christmas! And also that I’m losing my shit at how quickly this year has gone. Luckily I’m not alone, and the rest of the blogging community is at it too!  - Seriously, though, how is it December already?! - As it’s December, and the last month of 2017, I’ve only got a couple of weeks left to make it count. Consider this my last ditch attempt at making myself a better person before all the  new year, new me goal setting commences.

Stop apologising for myself 

Recently I’ve become aware of the fact that I apologise constantly, and that’s not even an exaggeration. It is constant. It’s like a verbal tick, Sorry prefaces every sentence that comes out of my mouth. And it’s about time it stopped. 

Spend some time away from my phone 

I’d hold my hands up and admit that my phone is constantly glued to my hand, but, ironically, I’m writing this on my phone and would probably drop it. I spend way too much time on my phone, and staring at screens in general, but I’m at the point now that if my phone isn’t in my hand I panic. I’ve realised - after seeing some godawful photos of me where I was too engrossed in my phone to notice that they were being taken - that I need a break from it. Honestly, constantly being inundated with everything -Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc - isn’t good for me. For one thing it’s exhausting. For another it gobbles up all my time. Now I have no idea how I’m gonna go about this but I think a digital detox is definitely in order. 

Get some sleep

This goes hand in hand with my previous goal. Being on my phone all the time is seriously eating into my sleeping time, and wreaking havoc with my sleeping pattern. I miss the days when I had a bedtime. Life was simpler when I was in bed by eight, although I was still awake until two... I’ve always been a rubbish sleeper. Anyway I’m exhausted. The last month has been hectic and I haven’t managed to get myself back into any kind of routine, so I’m up all night and exhausted all day. I’m really looking forward to having a break over Christmas and getting some much needed shut eye! 

Make a decision about whether to watch Breaking Bad and stick to it

I just can’t decide whether to watch Breaking Bad or not. I’ve tried watching it a couple of times before and I just seem to lose interest. But I do still want to watch it, and see what all the fuss is about. This has been going on for at least two years. At this point I either need to binge it all in one go and get it out of the way, or just accept that I’m not going to watch it and delete it from my Netflix queue. 

Make my blog priority 

This year has been awesome! I’ve travelled all over the world, I’ve seen three of my favourite bands and have launched my YouTube channel. It has been an incredible year, but with such a massive demand on my time, my blog has suffered immensely for it. It’s been difficult to prioritise my blog and I’ve been a rubbish blogger. Before this year ends I’m going to recommit to my blog and make it a priority, becajse I don’t ever want to get to the stage where I’m not blogging at all.

What are your goals this month? 

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