Tuesday, 12 September 2017


A few of you reading this, especially long time readers, will probably be thinking the same thing right now... it's about bloody time. And you are absolutely right. It is. I've wanted to start my youtube channel or as long as I've been blogging, which is four years now, and yet for a number of reasons - fear mostly - I haven't. Well on Friday 11th August that all changed, when I uploaded my first ever vlog to my newly launched youtube channel LaurenWithTheRedHair.

Now that I've actually done it I'm really annoyed with myself. I wish I'd done it sooner, because I've really enjoyed it. I love vlogging, despite getting some really funny looks once you get past the initial awkwardness it's actually a lot of fun, and it's nice that I then have a memory I can look back on. Surprisingly I also really enjoy the editing process, I say surprisingly only because it's not something I've ever done before and it's been a real learning curve but I've absolutely loved it.

I'm still hammering out all the details at the moment - teaching myself how to edit, etc- but I am hoping to upload on a weekly basis... eventually, you'll have to bear with my while I hammer out the details.

For now I will leave you to watch my first ever vlog (it's below!) from when me and my friend Charlotte went to Download Festival back in June. I had the best time, but you can see that for yourselves.

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  1. I miss doing Youtube, I'll be sure to subscribe! xxx


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