Thursday, 27 July 2017


I haven't been posting as much lately, I say lately it's been basically this entire year, because I am at a complete loss of what to say. I am a writer, that's what I get paid for, it's what I've always done. When everything else has failed me, words never have, and yet I find myself at a total loss for them and that's really weird for me. I just don' know what to say to you guys anymore. I think this is partly because I have a very creative job and I expend most of my creative energy and I think its partly because I've run out of ideas. And that makes me really sad.

When I first started blogging 4 years ago, I originally intended to write about music, and then I realised that writing about music in terms other than it's good/bad is technically very difficult. I love music! I play the guitar and the ukulele. I sing. But I'm not a trained musician and I don't know anything about it other than what I like. So I moved on to beauty because I have a real passion for it. I love it. I love make up, I love skincare. Haircare not so much, but that's because my hair is impossible.

But recently I've found myself not wanting to talk about beauty. And I think that's because whilst it's a constantly changing industry it also stays the same. I mean lipstick is still lipstick, it might last longer, it might be more comfortable to wear but it's still lipstick. This sounds like I'm slagging off the beauty industry and that's not my intention at all. I do care about beauty and skincare and this industry is something I'm very passionate about... it's not just not inspiring the words it used to. I just feel like I'm saying the same things over and over and over again. And that's not down to the beauty industry, that's on me.

Like I said earlier I just don't know what to say anymore. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop blogging, because that is the exact opposite of what I want to do. I want to be blogging until I am an old lady with bright blue hair and lipstick on my teeth.  Blogging has done so much for me, and more importantly I love doing it, so much. I just need to get my groove back.  That does mean that I'm going to have a bit of a re-think, because I want to be creating content that I'm really proud of and that I care about, that's really important to me.

I'm hoping that I will suddenly become 'unblocked' - eww, that sounds so gross - and when that happens I will be flooding the internet with excellent content that I'm really happy with. UNTIL that happens I'm asking you guys to bear with me whilst I figure out what I want my blog to be, what I want for its future and what content really works for me, and most importantly you. If there is anything that you want to see PLEASE let me know, all links are below, because right now I'm stumped.

Love love love xxx

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