Thursday, 8 June 2017

June Goals

I don't want to bang on about it too much, but I really can't stress how manic the last couple of months have been. My poor blog has sat ignored and unloved while I have scrambled to meet deadlines and jetted and setted about the place - I promise I'm not complaining, it's been incredible!

In all that time I haven't set a single goal, because I just haven't had any time to dedicate to my self improvement. It's a lame excuse but its true. Anyway I'm trying to establish more of a work-life balance, so now is as good a time as any to work on improving myself. 

1. Give myself more time in the morning

To say I'm not a morning person is a bit of an understatement. I do not cope well in the mornings, and for that reason I end up smashing the snooze button until the very last minute before I actually HAVE to get out of bed or I'll be late. I have to be out the door at 7:40, with or without my make up on. So I pretty much always end up finishing my make up either at the bus stop or on the actual bus. On Tuesday morning I had the tricky, but not impossible, task of putting mascara on in the rain... it did not end well. Anyway it would be really nice to not feel so rushed in the mornings, maybe even give myself time to eat breakfast before I get to work, rather than at my desk.

2. Get back into the habit of going to the gym

I have really gotten out of the habit of going to the gym, and I'm not happy about it. At one point I was going three - four times a week. Once I even went before going to work, I spent the whole day fighting the urge to fall asleep at my desk but I still did it. Now it's a very different story, and my motivation to go to the gym is at less than zero. Partly because I've let my workout stagnate and it's got a bit boring, and partly because I've gotten lazy. I'm still going, but not nearly as much. Having said that I really do want to get back into going to the gym to the point that I was at this time last year, when I wanted to work really hard and challenge myself. The really annoying thing is that I know exactly how good exercise is for me, not just physically either. When I exercise regularly I have more energy, I sleep better, I'm happier in myself and just happier in general. It annoys me that I'm not going. 

3. Get my motivation back in general 

It's not just my gym game that's been suffering from a lack of motivation. At the moment I don't really want to do anything in my free time, other than slob around in my comfies watching youtube. I just can't get motivated. Case in point this post was scheduled for Tuesday morning but I just couldn't get myself motivated enough to actually write it on time - this leads nicely to my next goal. - As I'm writing, it is 9 o'clock on Thursday night and I want it to go up by 10 at the very latest. June is set to be another manic month. I go to Download on Saturday (MON THE BIFF), I then go to Florida for a week on Monday (YAY!), before heading to Derby for work next Saturday. So the next 10 days alone are going to be very full on. It's all very exciting. I'm buzzing for the next couple of weeks! But it doesn't exactly leave me with a lot of time. So I really need to get my arse in gear if I want to accomplish anything for myself. I can do this! 

4. Publish all content on time 

I can't even count how many times this has been a goal, it's a lot. Now believe it or not but I actually hate missing posts or posting late. I know that it doesn't bother anyone but me, but it drives me crazy. Sometimes I know it's unavoidable, but more often than not it is completely avoidable and I just haven't been organised enough. For the rest of this month I want to really up my game and make sure all my content goes up on time - Tuesdays and Thursdays just fyi - just for my own peace of mind.

5. Eat better 

I want to eat better for the same reasons I want to go back to the gym. I just feel so much better when I do it.  Now my diet isn't horrendously bad - don't get me wrong it's not great and it certainly hasn't been good these past few weeks - but a lot of chocolate, cheese and bread has snuck its way into my everyday eating habits, and I feel like crap because of it. I'm also finding it a lot harder to sleep and my skin is the worst it has ever been. I don't know if these things are directly related but it's certainly worth finding out... admittedly this is gonna be a tough one to do in Florida. In fact I might not do it in Florida, but the rest of the month definitely. 

6. Upload Dubai vlog

I went to a Dubai a couple of weeks ago. I was for a grand total of 36 hours but I had the best time, and I vlogged the whole trip. I haven't had the chance to review the footage yet so I don't know how usable it is. But if it is watchable and I can use it then I will be editing it in to *gasp* my first ever YouTube video. 

What are your goals for the month? Let me know by commenting below (I always reply so check back), on twitter, or dropping me an email at Also check out my instagramfacebookbloglovin', snapchat -search lolarocknroses - & pinterest for regular updates.


  1. I've started getting back into healthy eating this past week too and feel so much better for it already! It makes me feel so much more energetic and less sluggish. Best of luck with your goals :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Thanks Jessie :) x

    I always feel so much better when I'm eating the right things but sometimes I just want pizza... and chocolate, and I am powerless to resist.

    Thanks for reading xx


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