Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The 6 lipsticks that live in my handbag

l-r: Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo, L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Julianne's Nude, Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Honey, Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lipstick in Pommie Girl, Nyx Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose & Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream in Cotton Candy. 

I emptied my handbag for the first time in ages the other day and nestled amongst the empty chewing gum packets, Costa receipts and a quite frankly astounding number of pens I found not one or even two, but six lipsticks! How I managed to squeeze all that in my bag and still use it as a functional handbag I don't know, but I did it. Some of them have been in there so long I thought I'd lost them but I digress.
You'll notice one very key thing that these lipsticks all have in common. They're the same colour, in various shades and finishes but  the same rose-y plum hue nevertheless. (This wasn't planned by the way... it just happened) Gone are the days when I wore bright red lipstick just because it was Tuesday. Now I'm all about these rose-y, nude-y plums.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo - £5.50 from Asos

This is one of the bolder lipsticks that I carry around with me and is one of my more recent purchases.  I'd had my eye on it for quite some time before I decided that I absolutely needed it. It lives up to it's name and is a very soft lip cream that dries down to a completely matte finish, it is so comfortable to wear and has excellent wear time. It's a deep  pink, almost a sophisticated fuchsia, but with just a hint of brown that mutes it a bit and makes it really wearable. It's lovely.

L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Julianne's Nude - £6.99 from lookfantastic

 Ahh good ol' faithful. Julianne's Nude is one of my absolute favourites and my go to when I just need a little somethin' somethin' on my lips.  I have mentioned this beaut of a lipstick on here more times than I can shake a stick at, so I won't bore you too much with the details (you can read more about that here) It has a very glossy finish which prefer to pat it in to my lips with my fingertip to matte it down a bit. It is beautifully moisturising and it smells just like parma violets... but nice. If they ever discontinue this I... no it doesn't bear thinking about.

Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Honey - £7.99 from Boots

Another firm favourite, I wear this pretty much every day. Again I tend to pat into my lips because I don't love glossy finishes, they're not really my cup of tea, but it's well pigmented and has fairly decent wear time for something with so much slip to it. I would be lost without this lipstick. Really.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lipstick in Pommie Girl - £9 from Boots

Pommie Girl is an exact dupe for Soap & Glory's discontinued Super-Colour Fabu-Lipstick in Pom-Pom, which could actually be my favourite lipstick ever, I used it until there was literally nothing left. Pommie Girl is a matte plummy pink -shock! - with incredible lasting power. It has an almost powdery finish that really grips to the lips and keeps this bad boy in place.

Nyx Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose - £6.50 from Boots

Tea Rose is very similar to Pommie Girl in colour but has a slightly creamier formula and is a bit more comfortable to wear, however it isn't as long lasting due to the slipperiness of the formulation. Still gorgeous though!

Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream in Cotton Candy - £2.50 from Boots

Collection's Velvet Kiss range was my favourite beauty discovery of last year. Again I have raved about these a ton (read more about them here) but trust me they are just that darn good. Cotton Candy is my favourite. Contrary to what the name suggests it's more of a muted pink, but it's the formulation that makes it really special. It's a soft cream that dries down to a completely matte finish. It has good longevity but does need to be reapplied after eating. It reapplies smoothly without bunching upon peeling AND it's an absolute bargain.

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