Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

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The Christmas shopping panic is well under way folks. But fear not! I am here to take the stress out of it with my Christmas Gift Guides. I asked on twitter and the general consensus was that you wanted to see them, so here they are. Now let me first start with a quick disclaimer I am single, possibly the most single person ever, and have been for some time. It's not for lack of options, more that I am terrible with other humans. I don't people very well. With that said I'm probably not the best person to be doling out advice about what gifts you should be buying your S.O. But when it comes to dads, step-dads, brothers, uncles, male cousins, friends etc. I've got you covered.

Amazon Fire Stick - £32.99 from Amazon

This would make a great gift for anyone who loves binge watching TV boxsets on a weekend. Which let's be honest is all of us. If my step-dad didn't have one already then I'd definitely be getting him an Amazon Fire Stick, because they're so good and he loves it. The Fire Stick is basically Amazon's answer to Chromecast and Apple TV. Now to be honest when it comes to smart tv boxes they're all a bit much of a muchness, essentially they all do the same thing. But the Fire Stick looks really sleek, it's very portable and you can stream instantly and access Amazon Video which is so underrated and so awesome.

Bulldog Skincare Kit -  £10 from Asda

Bulldog's a pretty amazing brand by all accounts. All the products are cruelty free, made in the UK with all natural ingredients. I've even tried their Sensitive Skin Moisturiser, a moisturiser is a moisturiser people!, and my brother in law is a big fan too. This nifty little kit contains full sizes of the Bulldog Original Moisturiser, Bulldog Original Facial Wash and the Bulldog Original Facial Scrub.  This would be a great gift for the man who loves skincare, and I know they exist.

Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette - £40 for 100ml from Superdrug

Boss Bottled is my favourite male fragrance and would be my go to gift for a boyfriend, but mostly because I like it. It smells so good. Woody, fruity, spicy and very sexy. I would not give this to any male who is related to me.

Nanoblock Brachiosaurus Skeleton - £7.99 from John Lewis

This nanoblock dinosaur skeleton would be an ideal gift for the nerdy, overgrown man-child in your life. Having said that if someone gave me this basically lego dinosaur I would be over the moon. This is a fun little stocking filler for a childish adult - hope you're not reading this Dad! - or even an actual child. I'm thinking about getting it for my nephew.

Fitbit Alta - £99.99 from Fitbit

This time last year I wasn't even sure what a Fitbit was, but now that I'm actually 'into fitness' - who saw that one coming? - I think they're so cool. The Fitbit Alta is super sleek and would be a great gift for anyone either really into fitness or wanting to get into it, because it keeps track of your activity, exercise and sleep habits. For me, personally, seeing what I have done and what I am capable of is the best motivation. And I think The Fitbit Alta would be really good for that. Sod anyone else I want one!

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