Sunday, 30 October 2016

Photo Diary: A Day at Standalone Farm

This week the kids, not mine my sisters, have been off school, so yesterday we packed them into the car and drove all of 20 minutes to Standalone Farm in Letchworth. I'll be honest I totally gatecrashed this beautiful family day out, cause you know any excuse to go and look at baby animals #sorrynotsorry. I had a great time, so my gatecrashing was totally worth it but more importantly the kids did too. 

Because it's half term week they had loads of fun stuff going on for kids that Harry and Tilly loved. The first thing we did was watch the pigs being fed and we saw the cutest piglets, they were a week old and so tiny! We wanted to steal one. Then the kids made trick or treat bags and got covered in bright blue fabric paint, which wasn't ideal but they had a lot of fun doing it. Then they got to brush down a shetland pony, who we think was called Tot, before we saw two giant shire horses.  I think the kids favourite bit was when we went on a tractor ride around the farm. After that they played in the adventure playground and fed some chickens, while me and my sister had a cup of tea. Before we went on a long walk around the farm and saw three Alpacas playing with each other like puppies. We had a really nice day. 

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