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My Favourite MAC Eyeshadows

After quite a heavy post yesterday, today I thought I would keep things light and tell you guys about my favourite MAC eyeshadows.  Be warned this post is gonna be a little on the long side, I tried to narrow down my favourites but I couldn't get lower than 10. I couldn't do it, I wasn't up to that challenge. Now everyone knows that when it comes to eyeshadow MAC is the undisputed king. Their colour selection is incredible, they have so many different finishes, and generally the overall quality is amazing. Buttery soft, blendable and pigmented to boot. Whenever I'm by a MAC counter I'm like a kid in a sweet shop, I can't keep my greedy hands to myself, I want to swatch everything!

Creative Copper has a lustre finish and is actually more of a metallic golden brown than a copper shade. The pigmentation is incredible and it applies smoothly and evenly with really good colour pay off. The texture is soft and smooth and it blends beautifully. I particularly like to use Creative Copper when I'm doing a bronze smokey eye and pack it onto the first two thirds of the lid with a flat brush.

Gingersnap is a deep rose gold shade with a frost finish. Again it's highly pigmented and applies really nicely. I've found that it can look a bit much when washed all over the lid but looks awesome when blended into the crease.

Honey Lust is one of my most used eyeshadows. I have Honey Lust in both my Warm Neutral and Burgundy Times Nine palettes and it is the most used in both palettes. A golden peachy bronze with a lustre finish, Honey Lust is glittery but not in a tacky in your face kind of way. It looks amazing with a tan, but works well on us paler peeps too. My favourite way to wear it is washed over the lid with winged eyeliner. There is a slight issue with fall out but it's nothing major and Honey Lust, in my opinion, is more than worth it.

Satin Taupe is one of the first MAC eyeshadows I ever bought and it still holds a very special place in my heart. Why? Because it is so dang versatile. Satin Taupe is a dark purple-grey taupe with a silver shimmer running through it, it has a frost finish and can be packed onto the lid for something super smokey, blended into the crease to add definition or simply patted on for something far more subtle. It's a MAC classic for a reason people.

Woodwinked is actually the first ever MAC eyeshadow I bought, in the MAC store in Times Square, and it is still my favourite. You can see from the dent I've made in it that I've used it an absolute ton. Woodwinked is an absolute babe of an eyeshadow, an antique golden bronze with a veluxe pearl finish, it looks amazing simply washed over the lid and when blended into the crease makes for one of the simplest smokey eyes ever. Personally I love to pack it on for something a bit more intense. It's my favourite MAC eyeshade ever. Yeah I said it.

Patina is another firm favourite of mine, a pale taupey bronze with a frost finish - can you tell that I have a thing for bronzes? - Patina is a good one to wear in the day time as it adds a really nice and subtle pop of colour to the lid.

All That Glitters is quite similar to Honey Lust as they're both peachy gold bronzes, however All That Glitters has a veluxe pearl finish so is more of a pearly shimmer than an actual glitter, it's also slightly more pink toned. Like Honey Lust it's a one wash wonder and works best blended all over the lid. It's super wearable and one I find myself reaching for when I want to make an effort but also really can't bothered. It's really effortless and adds a pretty pinky gold sheen to the lid. Lovely.

Haux - Damnit! I just realised I spelt this wrong in the photos, face palm!- anyway Haux is a muted dusky pink with a satin finish and is a fairly new favourite of mine. I've found myself reaching for it more and more lately, particularly on days when I want really natural looking make up. It's really good for adding a little something something to my lids when I'm not in the mood to go all out on my eyeshadow.

Quarry is another really pretty neutral shade and is quite similar to Haux. Like Haux, Quarry is a  pinky taupe, unlike Haux, it's more purple toned and has a matte finish. It is beautifully soft and pigmented with excellent colour pay off and, due to the buttery soft texture, blends in seamlessly. It's one that I like to use all over the lid on no make up make up days but it also works really well as a transition shade for super smokey eyes.

Poppy Seed is a mauve-y pink toned nude with a satin finish, and it seems to be exclusive to the MAC Burgundy Times 9 palette. It's in a similar vein to both Quarry and Haux, which makes sense as they all came in the same palette, and I love using them all together for a matte smokey eye, think Adele's eye make up on the 25 album cover.

MAC eyeshadows range from £10 for the Pro-Pan refills or £13 for the individual Eyeshadow pans and are available from MAC link

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