Saturday, 17 September 2016

Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation Review & Swatch

The Fresher Skin foundation is the new kid on the block in Rimmel's foundation line up and one I was really eager to try. Promising 'light breathable coverage for an even, natural-looking, fresh finish that stays shine-free all day' it's whipped formula comes housed in a squat glass jar and that is just one of the many things that I don't like about it. Yep, sadly this foundation is really not for me, and I don't think it would work well for people with oily skin either.

Firstly let's talk about the packaging, which I hate. I really don't like it when foundation, or make up in general, comes in tubs or pots because it feels unhygienic to be dipping my fingers (which I always make sure are clean) in to the product. I much prefer pumps for this reason. It also makes application messy, and it's also quite difficult to gauge how much product you'll need, so you do end up wasting quite a lot of it.

So onto the product itself, I've tried it a few times now and, I hate to say it, but I really don't like it. It has a whipped, mousse-y texture that is quite creamy in consistency. It applies like a standard liquid foundation, however it goes on really patchily. Herein lies one of the biggest problems because it takes a few layers to build up to even coverage and if you're using a damp beauty blender or a brush then you're actually more likely to take off what you've just put on. I found the best way to apply it is with my fingertips but even then it doesn't go on evenly. Despite being very patchy the actual coverage itself isn't bad, not great but not bad. It's very light and natural looking and with the addition of Aloe, Sea Algae and Chamomile to the formula, it does reduce redness. It doesn't, however, cover blemishes or spots at all well. The shade range is also, sadly, limited. I picked up the shade 100 Ivory, which was a good match for me, but those with darker or more olive skin will struggle to find a decent match in this range. It's a shame when budget brands only cater to a few skin tones, but Rimmel aren't the only high street brand guilty of this. The main issue I had with the foundation, pants packaging and shade range aside, is that it doesn't sink in, it just sits on the skin and doesn't really dry down. I'll give you an example: I had some mascara smudged under my eye and when I went to wipe it off I ended up taking a load of foundation with it. I had such high hopes for this foundation and it just didn't deliver. A rare miss for Rimmel, whose foundations are some of my favourites on the high street.

Rimmel's Fresher Skin Foundation is available from Boots for an introductory price of £5.99. Rimmel products are also currently 2 for £10 in Boots.

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