Sunday, 25 September 2016

Photo Diary from Friends Fest or The One Where We Had The Best Day Ever!!!

Me and my sister have been huge Friends fans for as long as I can remember. So when I got an email about Friends Fest tickets just a couple of weeks before her birthday it was a no brainer! We had to go! And yesterday, after a 10 week wait, we did! We had such a good time. 

Neither of us really knew what to expect because we'd never been before, but it was a proper festival. There was a main stage which had friends stuff going on, there was the Moonlight Diner where Monica worked in season 3, a gift shop,  a Mockolate stand, the Chick & the Duck bar, which did the most incredible cocktails (I know that because we had a lot of them!), a wedding chapel where you could try on Monica and Rachel's wedding dresses, a silent disco(!), the most amazing mac and cheese stand and, the best bit, tours of the sets. We had an amazing time. It was so cool and we even got a little bit emotional when we went round Monica's apartment. We had so much fun, it was the best day! And I will be definitely be going again next year! 

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Love love love xxx

P.S. Sorry about the quality of some of the photos, I ran out of space on my phone and we had to use my sister's which has a crack in the camera. Not ideal. 

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