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4 High Street Contour Kits You Need

It used to be that contouring was not something the normal girl did. Contouring was used for editorial make up or by Drag Queens and Kardashians. But in the last 5 years or so contouring has entered the mainstream consciousness and we're all at it. Even me! And it has to be said I'm really not very good at it, BUT there are some tried and tested products that even I can't mess up with, and they're all from the high street!

Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palette in 002 Coral Glow & 003 Golden Bronze - £6.99  (currently 2 for £10 on Rimmel products) from Boots

Rimmel's Kate Sculpting Palette is a super handy palette that contains a blush, highlight and contour shade. The palettes are housed in pretty, but cheap, rose gold packaging and come in two shades, three in the US you lucky devils!, 002 Coral Glow and 003 Golden Bronze. 003 Golden Bronze is warmer in tone and designed for darker skin tones, but actually works surprisingly well on paler skin tones too, I can even use it on my ghostlike complexion with no problems. The highlighter is a cool toned gold with a fine glitter running through it, the blush is a shimmery golden peach in the same vein as Nars Orgasm, and the contour is a warm matte brown. 002 Coral Glow is the lighter of the two, and more suited to my pasty skin tone, the contour shade is ashier than 003, a lighter honey tone that can double as a bronzer. The blush is a coral pink with a slight sheen to it and the highlighter is a pale champagne shimmer that adds a beautiful radiance to the skin. Despite the slightly naff packaging the overall quality is excellent. The powders themselves are blendable, soft and pigmented, with excellent colour pay off and wear time. I've been showing these palettes a lot of love lately, they're really nice.

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring Palette in 01 Light Medium - £6.99 (currently buy 1 get 1 half price on Maybelline products) from Boots

I've been a huge fan of this nifty little contour kit since it's release last year. The powders are smooth, silky, pigmented, easy to blend and the shades are a perfect match for my pale, verging on pasty, skin. The grey/ashy tone of the contour creates natural looking shadows on the skin, without looking muddy, allowing me to carve fairly realistic looking cheekbones into my moon face. But it's actually the highlighter that's the real star of the show! A pale ivory with a subtle golden shimmer running through it, it adds the most beautiful, natural looking radiant glow to the skin. I'm now onto my second pan of the stuff and I still love it. 

Sleek Make Up Cream Contour Kit in Light 095 - £10.99 from (currently 2 for £12 on Sleek products) from Boots

I picked this up in a recent Sleek Haul (read more here) and I have to say this palette is the ultimate in drugstore contouring. It's amazing! A high street dupe for the now cult Anastasia Beverley Hill's Contour Kit, Sleek's cream offering is something very special indeed. Made up of six shades: two highlighters, a concealer and three contouring shades, there is something for everyone and every contour look you could ever want to achieve. The palette is available in Light, Medium and Dark. I have the Light palette as my skin is very fair, - read deathly pale - and it works really well for me. The creams themselves are flawless! Velvety, blendable and well pigmented. They apply beautifully, without moving any of the make up underneath and sit really nicely on the skin. With  a palette like this you have so many options but personally, I like to pack on the colour with the Real Techniques Contour Brush and blend out with a Beauty Blender for a more natural look. I love this palette a lot, and tend to use it more when I'm going out and need something that will last a long time,  or want my contour to be a bit more dramatic.

L'Oréal Infallible Sculpt Contouring Palette in Light/Medium - £9.99 (currently 3 for 2 on L'Oréal products) from Boots

I've raved about this contour kit from L'Oréal in a previous post (read more here) and it really does have a special place in my heart. I might even go so far as to say it's my favourite contouring product - but it does have some stiff competition! - it's that good! I've used it so much you can see the dent I've made in it! The most natural of the bunch, the cream to powder formulation is on point, combining the wear time of a powder and the finish of a cream. The formula is smooth, blends seamlessly into the skin and looks awesome! I have the shade Light/Medium, which I'll be the first to admit does look quite scary and dark in the pan, but it's cool toned so once it's applied it looks natural and shadow-like on the skin. The highlighter is very subtle and I've not had a ton of use out of it to be honest. Even so I love this contour palette and if I could only have one this would be it.

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Love love love xxx

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