Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Best Burger I've Ever Had...

was going to tell you all about my week and how I've been eating really healthily and going to the gym everyday - sidenote: cardio is HARD! - but then last night something happened that needed to be shared with you. Last night I had the best burger I have ever eaten. It was sensational. Healthy eating be damned! 

Yesterday night me and my family went to Lambert's Grill,  an American-style Diner that specialises in the most amazing burgers. Their aim is to 'deliver the ultimate burger experience' and man do they live up to that promise. They are incredible! The burgers are made from Aberdeen Angus Beef and are prepared on site, fresh everyday and cooked to order. 

I had the Royale with Cheese, which was a 5oz burger with cheese, red onions, gherkins, tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup, mustard and special sauce, served on a brioche bun. You order the sides separately so I had double dipped fries and home made slaw.  My mum and sister had Angry Burgers, which come with cream cheese, jalopeños, tomatoes and red onion, with halloumi fries, which were incredible. Everything was delicious and my nephew even ordered another burger because he liked it so much. 

Not only is the food amazing but Lambert's Grill has a really nice atmosphere, with loads of nerdy, pop-culture references dotted around the place, which I loved! There was a Dalek and a Darth Vader bobble head on our table and a huge black and white painting of Samuel L. Jackson, eating a burger, from Pulp Fiction on the wall. The staff were nice, they had good music on and it was family friendly, with a load of colouring books, toys and games for kids, which is really good because we had two kids under 10 with us. My hometown has a load of crappy chain restaurants,  but there's not a lot of nice, independent places to eat, so it's really nice to see places like this cropping up. 

If you're in the Stevenage area then you need to go to Lambert's Grill. All their contact information can be found on their facebook page here

Where was the best burger you've ever had? Let me know by commenting below, on twitter, or dropping me an email at Also check out my instagramfacebookbloglovin', snapchat -search lolarocknroses - & pinterest for regular updates.

Love love love xxx

*Disclaimer* This is NOT a sponsored post, I was not paid anything to write this and the owner's  of Lambert's Grill are not aware that I have written it. All opinions and views expressed are entirely my own. I apologise if this posts offends any vegans or vegetarians.


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    1. It was! If you ever find yourself in the area you need to try it.

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