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July Favourites 2016

July has just flown by in a blur of sunshine, barbecues, birthdays, - my nephew's, my sister's, my younger step-sister's, my sister in law's, my older step-sister's and my brother's! So many! - and no make up days, because really who wants to wear make up when they're all hot and sweaty?! Not me. Because I've been avoiding make up on sunny days this month's favourites post is gonna be quite short and sweet. So let's get to it. 

OPI Fearlessly Alice - £9.50 from BeautyBay

I can never resist a blue nail polish, especially when it is this pretty! Fearlessly Alice is part of OPI's Alice Through the Looking Glass collection, and is basically everything I love wrapped up in one single perfect nail polish. Seriously! I love Alice in Wonderland, I love blue nail polish, I adore OPI and the word Fearless is also significant to me - read my Fearless posts here, here & here - it's like it was made just for me! Fearlessly Alice is a bright, beautiful, cerulean blue that has been gracing my toes and tips ever since I bought it. It's a creme paint that applies smoothly, gives decent coverage and has a high-gloss finish. The wear time is not great, but I've found that this is quite common with OPI nail polishes so I'm not too fussed about that.

Carmex Snoopy Edition Classic Lip Balm - £1.99 from Superdrug

I've had really dry lips for the past couple of weeks and nothing was working, not even Blistex's Relief Cream, which is usually my go to for when my lips are sore. Now I'll be honest I was totally drawn in by the ridiculously cute Snoopy packaging, because it's Snoopy and it's adorable!, and wasn't actually expecting it to make any difference. I was wrong. Normally I'm not a fan of petroleum based lip balms but this really does lock in a lot moisture, and is formulated to heal and soothe chapped lips almost instantly as it is so fast-acting. I wasn't expecting to love it, but I really do.

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette - £9.99 from Boots

I raved about this last week in a Sleek Haul post (read it here), so I won't go into too much detail here for fear of repeating myself and boring you all. This is one of the prettiest palettes I own, it's so beautiful! Solstice is made up of four highlighting shades: a cream, two shimmer powders and a baked powder, it's a really versatile little palette, with everything for a subtle shimmer to a more dramatic highlight. I've been using it so much, because it really is gorgeous but also super wearable. I was initially really intimidated by Hemisphere, which is a frosty lilac, but it blends out beautifully into a silvery white. I particularly love Ecliptic, which is the cream finish, as it is a stunning champagne colour that adds a subtle radiance to the skin that is still noticeable but not too in your face. If you're into highlighters in a big way then you need this palette!

Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling Post-Shave Balm - £5.35 from Boots

Again I've raved about this in a previous post (read it here) so I won't bore you with the details. I've been using this everyday as a primer and it is seriously good stuff. I'm serious, it works wonders. It feels very cool and soothing on the skin and with glycerin as an active ingredient, it gives make up a tacky base to stick to, giving it some real lasting power. If you haven't tried this yet then you need to, because the hype is there for a reason. I love it.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil  - £85 from Cultbeauty

With an eye watering price tag you would expect this stuff to work skin care miracles. Luckily it does. My skin and I have had our ups and downs over the past two years, except there have been way more downs than ups. Since using Luna my skin seems to have turned a corner, *touches wood*, and is looking the best it has in a really long time. Luna is a night-time retinol treatment that fights signs of ageing and visibly reduces the appearance of acne. I've been using it once or twice a week when my skin has been feeling dry and congested and it has made all the difference. It's amazing, and I am so gutted because £85 is a, quite frankly, ridiculous price tag. Oh well.

Jeffree Star - watch his youtube channel here

I'm not gonna weigh in on the controversy surrounding this particular YouTube star. I just like his videos. He does the fiercest make up looks, knows so much about make up and makes me laugh with his hilarious, over the top reactions.

Community - streaming on Netflix

After I finished watching Orange is the New Black I was at a bit of a loss as to what to watch next. I know the entire internet is going crazy for Stranger Things and I will get round to it,  but I wanted something more lighthearted and funny and easily watchable. Community is all of those things. To sum up Community is about Jeff, a lawyer who faked his Bachelors degree and gets caught, so has to go back to college to get his degree. In his first week he meets Britta in his Spanish class and they form a study group. I've been watching it non-stop because it is tears rolling down my face, stomach hurting from laughing so much, funny. If you liked The US Office and Parks and Rec you'll love this. It's ridiculous but brilliant. Plus Troy and Abed are EVERYTHING!

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Love love love xxx

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