Sunday, 10 April 2016

Primark PS Make Up Haul

Primark's PS Make Up Line is kinda awesome. It is surprisingly good quality, especially when considering how ridiculously cheap it is. Honestly I haven't tried much, but what I have tried I've really liked.  So when I was in there last week and saw all the make up I hadn't tried yet, well a haul was almost inevitable.

PS... Foundation Stick in Ivory - £2.00

This is the first thing I picked up, after hearing Becky from Talk Becky Talk rave about it ages ago on youtube, I figured it was definitely worth trying it out. I really like it. It has a really thick and creamy consistency. As a foundation it's too heavy on the skin, but as a concealer it is awesome. It gives excellent coverage, has a good wear time to it and blends nicely. It's a really good concealer.

PS... Liquid Foundation in Porcelain & Ivory - £2.50 each

I was really feeling bases, can you tell? So far this is the product that I've been least impressed with and I'll tell you why. The shade range is quite limited, although this is to be expected for such a cheap brand.  I'm quite pale so I chose the two lightest shades and neither of them work for me. Porcelain is very light and Ivory is quite dark for a lighter shade. I think if I mixed them together they might work better,  but to be honest I've found them to a bit of a meh product overall. The foundation promises a semi-matte finish and a medium coverage but I didn't get that. It feels quite greasy on the skin when you apply it and the coverage isn't there, it also oxidises really badly and can look quite orange-y, which is not a good look for anyone. I'm really not a fan. But I only lost a fiver so it's fine.

PS... Eyeliner - £1.00

I wasn't sure about this eyeliner,  normally I don't like to use really cheap eyeliner because I've had bad experiences in the past where I've got eye infections or sore eyes. But I decided to risk it for a chocolate biscuit and give it a try, and it isn't bad. It's not the best liquid liner I've ever come across but it's okay. It has a very fine brush nib and the formula is alright. It seems quite watery at first, but the colour can be built up and once it dries down it is locked in place. It was definitely worth the risking it.

PS... Nail Polish Twist Pot - £1.00

I've been a fan of the Twist Pots for a long time, I know it's a much cheaper dupe of Boujois' Magic Nail Polish Remover, I just think they're super handy because it takes all the mess out of taking your nail polish off. The one thing I will say about these is that the sponge inside gets worn out quite quickly and the remover itself has a really strong smell, but I still think that they're amazing, and so handy.

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