Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Another Massive Avon Haul

L-R: Fast Time Teal, Turquoise Pop, Sea Breeze, Parfait Pink, Roses are Red

L - R: Adoring Love, Splendidly Fuchsia & Ravishing Rose

To be honest with you I can see these posts becoming a regular thing, well I've already made another order so...  Stop spending! Bad Lauren! For me, in my limited experience, Avon has 3 stand out products: the Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-in Treatment, the Gel Finish Nail Enamels and the Perfectly Matte Lipsticks. So when the catalogue came through my door another order was inevitable. Although I must admit I did get a bit carried away, even by my spendy standards. Really the only good thing that comes out of it, apart from all the make up, is the haul post I get to share with you lovely people. So let's get to it.

Avon Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-in Treatment  £3.30 for 30ml

I have yelled my undying love for Avon's Argan Oil Leave-in Treatment from all the rooftops, because it's awesome. I use it for absolutely everything. I use it after just washing my hair as a leave in conditioner. I use it to tame my hair on particularly frizzy days. I use it as a hair mask the night before I wash my hair. Seriously it is bottled magic. It is so nourishing, giving my dry, bedraggled ends the moisture boost they desperately need and leaves my hair shiny, soft and frizz free (mostly). It's also impossible to use too much, it leaves no residue in the hair and never makes my hair look greasy or crispy as so many serums are won't to do. I. LOVE. IT!

Avon Gel Finish Nail Enamels £7.00

I am a BIG fan of these nail polishes, after my first order it was pretty much love at first paint and I've since added a ton more to my collection. The formula is so good. I mean seriously good. It lasts such a long time, is opaque within 1-2 coats and has a beautiful, shiny gel finish. I'm pretty much obsessed.

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick - £ 5.00 (on offer, usually £8.00)

With the rather bold claim that they are 'more Matte than Mac' I couldn't resist picking up Avon's Perfectly Matte Lipsticks. The formula is very matte - I haven't done a direct comparison with Mac yet but it's definitely in the pipeline - but also quite creamy, which means it does have quite a lot of slip to it and doesn't have the longevity that I would usually expect from a matte lipstick, it's also quite drying on the lips (nothing that a slick of lip balm before applying can't fix.) That being said they are really nice lipsticks and the colours I picked up are beautiful.

Like I said last time I've been really impressed by the things I've tried. To be honest I didn't really think Avon was even a contender in the beauty market anymore, I was definitely wrong. Anyway if you feel like shopping Avon the old school way and want to pick up a catalogue (and are in the Stevenage area) then definitely get in touch with  Carly, my avon lady, she is an angel!  You can find her on instagram &  facebook, her online store here, or give her a ring on 07584901032.

What are your favourite Avon products? Let me know by commenting below, on twitter, or dropping me an email at lolarocknroses@gmail.com. Also check out my instagramfacebookbloglovin', snapchat -search lolarocknroses - & pinterest for regular updates.

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