Sunday, 17 April 2016

10 Things Curly Haired Girls are Sick of Hearing

As you guys know I have long, impossible to tame, naturally curly hair that I love/hate. if you too have very curly hair, that you don't straighten, then you'll know that people can find it quite surprising. Some people can be a little bit in awe of it, some can be just plain rude. I'm not sure why. A lot of the time it is well meaning but still... here are the 10 things that I, and probably every other curly haired person, is sick of hearing.

1. Is that your real hair? Yes, yes it is.

2. Can I boing one of your curls? No, please don't touch me (before doing it anyway, regardless of my answer and making my hair frizzy in the process) 

3. I would love to have curly hair. In my experience you definitely wouldn't, but thank you.

4. I thought it was a perm! It is 2016! Perms are not a thing anymore!

5. Why don't you ever straighten it? It takes a long ass time and I have stuff to do.

6. No, really, is that your real hair?  Again YES! Who would lie about that?

7. It must be so long when its straight! It is, yeah. 

8. If I had your hair I'd just straighten it all the time. Okay then... thanks for sharing. 

9. How do you get your hair to look like that? I wash it and then it just happens

And possibly the most annoying...

10. You look so much better with straight hair. You look better walking away from me. The worst thing is people legitimately think saying this is a compliment. It is NOT a compliment. 

Am the only one who gets this? Or are people generally quite obnoxious when it comes to curly hair? Let me know by commenting below, on twitter, or dropping me an email at Also check out my instagramfacebookbloglovin', snapchat -search lolarocknroses - & pinterest for regular updates.

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