Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Weekly Round Up #9: Bad Skin Days, Wildfire & New Youtube Obsessions

This week has been really, really long. I've been doing a ton of overtime at work so I can save money and my days have basically been me getting up and leaving the house really early, getting back late and then going straight to bed. Just one of those weeks but it's over now, so I should really round it up.

My skin has been so bad over the past couple of weeks. I've mentioned, briefly, that I was diagnosed with Adult Acne in October and I've been getting treatment for it which is NOT working. I can't even tell you how frustrating it is. I'm going back to my GP to see what else we can do because it's driving me crazy. I've bought some new skin care bits in case I've been using something I'm allergic to so keep an eye out for a mini skin care haul on Thursday. 

Wildfire by Rachel Platten - £8.99 from iTunes

I'm not normally a pop girl, I'm more of a leather and lace, blasting AC DC till your ears bleed kinda girl. Having said that I've been listening to Wildfire on repeat for the past week because it is so good! I just can't stop listening to it, it makes me feel like I can take on the world. It's amazing. I've really enjoyed  listening to it. My favourite songs are Fight Song (obvs), Stand by You (ditto), Better Place and Speechless but there isn't a song I don't like.  I love this album.

Shay Mitchell - watch her youtube channel here

I haven't watched Pretty Little Liars - I'll be changing that as soon as I've finished writing up this post - so I didn't really know who Shay Mitchell was. But after seeing her in an Ingrid Nilsen video (watch it here) on Friday, I switched over to her channel and very quickly became hooked, before I knew it I'd fallen into a Youtube vortex and when I came out it was 2 in the morning but her videos are so good. She's even done quite a few collaborations with some of my favourite youtubers - Rhett & Link, Ingrid Nilsen, the list goes on - she just seems really cool.

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