Tuesday, 19 January 2016

3 Products that Fight Frizz Fast

I was cursed  blessed with a tangled mane of messy curls which, honestly, are an absolute bitch to maintain. My hair care routine is pretty set, I know what works for me and I stick to it. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, the day I wash it tends to be an okay hair day, and I handle the frizz on the days in between. Some days I wake up and my hair is fine - these days are rare but they do happen - but more often than not I'll wake up with hair closely resembling a cherry red brillo pad. On those days, if it's a non hair washing day, there are three products I reach for to tame my mane and calm my curls.

This stuff is my Holy Grail product for getting rid of frizz fast. When my hair is being particularly mad the first thing I do is spray this liberally through my hair to dampen it down, before working it in with my fingertips. It's very conditioning, really hydrates and nourishes the hair and leaves it feeling soft, smooth and frizz free. It also treats split ends and fights against breakage. I've been using it for years and nothing else calms my hair quite like it. 

This teeny, tiny bottle of magical golden liquid is a GODSEND for curly hair. I'm serious, this stuff is incredible! Frizzy/curly haired girls everywhere owe Avon a huge thank you for this! That's how good it is. For an oil it's non-greasy, light weight and oh so nourishing. One pump, run through the mid lengths and ends of the hair,smooths down any frazzled flyways and gets rid of any fluffiness. Leaving me with smooth, healthy looking, frizz free curls. It's actually amazing. 

John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Agent Touch-up Crème - £5.99 for 100ml from superdrug.com

Another Holy Grail product for us curly girls. The Secret Agent Touch-Up Crème is a thick cream with a surprisingly light texture. Once worked into the hair it breaks down and sort of binds the hair together, smoothing away any flyways and frizz. It smells really nice and works wonders on mad hair.  I've been using it for years because it's so good and I haven't found anything else that does the job better. Love it.

Each of these products work really well on their own but the combination of the three works a frizz fighting miracle. What products do you use to tame your hair when it's misbehaving? Let me know by commenting below, on twitter, or emailing me at lolarocknroses@gmail.com. Also check out my instagram, facebook, bloglovin', snapchat - search lolarocknroses - & pinterest for regular updates.

Love love love xxx

*Disclaimer:* This post is NOT sponsored by John Frieda. I'm just a really big fan of the Frizz Ease range. 

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