Monday, 7 December 2015

The Weekly Round Up #6: Advent Calendars, Christmas Jumpers, Lost Voices & Catching Up on I'm A Celeb

Happy Monday my lovelies! Sorry that this post's a day late. As you could probably tell from the title I've lost my voice, I don't know how Ariel coped through almost an entire movie, I've not had my voice for nearly 3 days and it's driving me cray!, I've got a pretty nasty sore throat and a temperature going on. So apologies for missing yesterday's post.

Anyway! The first week of December is over and I don't know about you, but, sickness aside, I am well into the Christmas spirit! After a successful but very long day of Christmas shopping at Lakeside on Saturday with my cousins, I feel more organised and like I can face this Christmas head on. So turn up that cheesy Christmas music because Santa, I'm ready for you!

But first things first, with 17 days left until the big event, let's round up this week.

Cadbury's Advent Calendar - no longer available

I started off this month having completely forgotten to buy myself an advent calendar. November went by so quickly that by the time I realised I needed an Advent calendar, Cadbury's obviously, they'd all gone. But after I called my mum and whined down the phone to her, she got on the case and I became the proud owner of one of the last Cadbury's Advent Calendars in the land (I might be exaggerating just a tad here). 

Christmas Jumpers - £14.00  each from Primark, available here & here

One just cannot get into the Christmas Spirit without a tacky Christmas jumper, and I've got two so I am doubly festive. I love Primark at Christmas time. It's my first port of call when all I want is festive jumpers, pyjamas and socks, which is always. After popping into the giant Primark at Lakeside on Saturday and spotting these two festive numbers I couldn't resist. The cardigan is amazingly tacky,  just looking at it puts a big cheesy grin on my face, and the gingerbread motif on the jumper is Christmassy and really cute. I'm so pleased with my purchases and will be getting so much wear out of them both this festive season. 

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here - episodes available on

Over the last couple of weeks I have worked a ton of overtime and ended up missing a load of I'm a Celebrity because I was so tired. (Side note: I am so happy Vicky won #TeamVicky) So I've spent the last couple of days catching up on all the stuff I missed. I can't decide what I've loved more: Vicky, the so bad it's oh so good banter between Ant & Dec or the general drama at camp. This series has been excellent I have to say.

Like I said earlier I have got a really nasty sore throat and have completely lost my voice. It sucks, massively. Though I'm sure some people are definitely relieved. I've been drinking a shed load of hot lemon and honey and going through cherry flavoured soothers like there's no tomorrow, in the hope that it will come back, but no luck so far.

On that note I'm going to make a steaming hot mug of lemon and ginger tea and watch The Grinch in bed.

Love love love xxx

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