Tuesday, 1 December 2015

October & November Non-Beauty Favourites 2015


I've had way more non-beauty favourites than beauty favourites over the last two months, so it seemed only fair that they got their own post.

The About A Girl Series by Lindsay Kelk  - £3.79 for Kindle Edition or £3.85 for Paperback from Amazon 

I've been meaning to read these for ages and have finally found the time to, now that my Masters is well and truly over. Eeek! Don't think about it! I love Lindsay Kelk, she is the Queen of Really Good Chick Lit. The About A Girl Series follows good girl Tess Brookes, who, after being fired from the job she's dedicated her life too and sleeping with the unrequited love of her life/best friend Charlie, jets off to Hawaii using her (evil) photographer roommate's name, and camera, to
shoot for a high profile fashion magazine. Hilarity ensues as Tess tries to keep up the charade and answer to the right name, especially around a particularly handsome and infuriating journalist.  If anyone is jetting off for some winter sunshine (jealous) then these are perfect holiday reads. I'm on the  third book A Girl's Best Friend and I'm really enjoying it so far. If you enjoyed any of Kelk's other books or her I Heart series you'll love this. 

Scream Queens - Mondays at 10 on E4

I didn't think I could forgive Ryan Murphy after the TRAVESTY that was the last episode of Glee - Rachel marries Jesse... REALLY?! Samchel were so obviously endgame! ERGH! It still makes me mad! - but it turns out that the Lea Michele fangirl in me couldn't resist watching the first episode and then I was hooked. Scary stuff is not my usual cup of green tea, being a massive wimp I normally avoid it like the plague, but Scream Queens is amazing. Like actually amazing. It's basically a parody of every so bad it's good, super camp horror/teen movie from the 80's and it is hysterically funny. For those of you who don't watch it (you're gonna want to change that, now!) Scream Queens is about a sorority, ruled over by the deliciously bitchy Emma Roberts, that is being targeted by a serial killer, the terrifying Red Devil, who is hell bent on exacting revenge against the sisters of Kappa Kappa Tau. I love it! It's funny and scary and gripping with loads of twists and turns. It's also really well cast with Kate Hudson's handsome brother as overprotective Dad Wes and Jamie Lee Curtis, who is sheer

IAMX - I mentioned IAMX in my latest Lola Rocks post but obviously he had to be a favourite because the obsession is SO real! His music is incredible! I find music, like scent, really hard to describe, so I'll just say that he is awesome, the songs Dead in this House, The Great Shipwreck of Life & I am Terrified are seriously good, and leave it at that. 

The First Time - Is one of my absolute favourite films but I'd kinda forgotten about it until I re-watched it recently and remembered how awesome it it. The First Time is about Dave and Aubrey, who meet at a party and hit it off straight away. Over the course of one weekend they fall in love and navigate the choppy waters of their first time. It's such an underrated film. It's sweet, it's very funny with an excellent soundtrack - seriously the soundtrack is amazing! - and  is really well cast. Dave and Aubrey have seriously amazing chemistry, which to be fair they should being a real life couple and all! (They met on the set and have been together ever since... I love that!) 

Carrie Hope Fletcher -  I actually saw Carrie as Eponine in Les Mis back in September and have been fangirling over her youtube channel, It's Way Past My Bedtime, ever since. She's got such an amazing voice and seems like such a nice person too. I love her videos, especially all the behind the scenes theatre-y stuff.

Melanie Ham - Melanie is a brand new youtube fave, I've been really loving crafty youtube videos lately and Melanie's are up there with the best. Her sewing and crochet tutorials are fantastic! She makes really cool stuff, her instructions are really easy to follow and she seems so nice. Any crafty girls will want to check her out, she makes me want to dust off my sewing machine and crochet hooks (yes, I own both those things) and start hand making all the things. Speaking of, this brings me next to my favourite. 

Crochet -  Crochet Hooks £6.54 from Amazon 

Melanie Ham has sparked in me a passion for crochet I didn't know I had. Bless my Grandma for forcefully teaching me how to crochet when I was little. It's really therapeutic, which is why I like it. It's very calming and it just feels really nice and cosy, crocheting and watching a Christmas film, inside in the warm, while it's cold and miserable outside. So far I've made a really, really long scarf and a hat for my cousin's baby.

Amy Tangerine - Sticking to the crafty theme Amy Tangerine is yet another Youtube favourite because she makes seriously amazing scrapbooking videos. They're really fun to watch and they make me want to decorate everything with watercolour paints and stickers and glitter and literally all the washi tape I can get my hands on. Plus she makes stamping look so fun. Love it.

What were your favourites this month? Let me know on twitter, by commenting below or dropping me an email at lolarocknroses@gmail.com. Also check out my instagram, facebook, bloglovin', snapchat - search lolarocknroses - & pinterest for regular updates.

P.S. Happy 1st of December :D only 24 more days to go!

*Disclaimer* I own only two of the images used in this post - that of 'A Girl's Best Friend' & the crochet. I own none of the other images used. All images used for entertainment purposes only.onle. Images Via, Via, Via, Via, Via, Via

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