Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Weekly Round Up #3: Snog, Lipstick & Queen Helene

Lancôme Gel Éclat Clarifying Cleanser Pearly Foam - £23.00 from Lancôme

I've been using this cleanser for the past week or so and I really like it. It has a really thick, serum like texture that foams when applied to the skin and gets rid of all traces of make up, leaving the skin feeling squeaky clean. I will say it can be quite drying on the skin however nothing that a good moisturiser can't fix.

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Raspberry - £1.99 from Boots

I picked this up in Boots for the ridiculously low price of £1.99 this week and have been wearing it ever since. It's a really pretty, natural looking raspberry pink which is lovely for everyday. It doesn't have the greatest of formulas, it's nicely moisturising but has a lot of slip to it and doesn't last particularly well but even so I like it a lot.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque - £4.69 for 235ml from Amazon

My skin has been really bad this week, there have been breakouts galore, so I've been using this mask to try and get my skin back to normal and it's worked wonders. I pop it on for 15 - 30 minutes, depending on how bad my skin is,  and let it work it's magic.  It gives the skin a really deep clean and
leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and looking so much clearer. This is one of my absolute fave clay masks.

Snog Strawberry & Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt - 1.75 for 450 ml from Asda

We've had something of an unexpected heat wave in the UK this weekend, which has made up for the drizzly excuse for a summer we've had so far, normally to combat the heat I eat ice cream but as I'm watching what I eat I've been reaching for Fro-Yo instead. Snog, I hate the name, is the best one I've come across. It's so nice; really creamy but light at the same time and tastes just like ice cream but with no where near the calories of normal ice cream. I love it!

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