Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Organic Raw Coconut Oil: Review

Recently I've found myself leaping aboard the coconut oil band wagon (read more about that here), only about a year after the rest of the world, and so far I'm loving it. Coconut Oil is the Super-est of all the Super Foods, well that and lemons, which are also fairly super (read more about that here), with a laundry list a mile long of awesome health and beauty benefits, encouraging hair growth and improving the overall condition of the hair being just two of them. So after a recent trim that went about 2 inches awry I felt compelled to add a jar of this to my Amazon basket as soon as humanly possible. I figured if nothing else it was worth a try. 

Well since then I have indeed tried it out and I am suitably impressed.  Having been only two weeks I can't see if there has been a noticeable difference in the length of my hair but there certainly has been in an improvement in the condition. My hair is quite dry and is prone to a split end or two, but coconut oil is so moisturising and has left my hair feeling so soft and nourished. My favourite way to use it is as a hot oil treatment. It's really simple to do, just melt a tablespoon of the solid, waxy oil and apply it the mid lengths and ends of wet hair before leaving it on over night. I've been doing this once a week and the difference it has made is quite amazing. My hair is in the best condition it's been in for a long time, due, in part, to having 2 inches of pretty much dead hair chopped off and coconut oil breathing life back into my lengths, and, BONUS it smells like bounties! I am obsessed! This is my new favourite hair treatment. 

You can pick up a 500ml jar of Lucy Bee's Extra Virgin Organic Raw Coconut Oil from Amazon for£9.95 

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