Sunday, 19 July 2015

Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in Mercer Street & Regents Place

I'm a sucker for a blue nail polish, we all know this, I might even go so far as to say that blue is my favourite nail colour. Ever. Well it's a toss up between blue and blue-green/turquoise (read more about that here and here). I'm also a sucker for a gel formula, and a huge fan of Nails Inc, so when I saw these Nails Inc Gel Effect Polishes in Mercer Street and Regents Place in my local T.K.Maxx, for a fraction of their normal £14/15 price tag (I paid £3.99 each) it was an actual no brainer and they had made their way into my basket and to the till before you could say Lauren do you really need another blue polish? Let alone two? The answer, of course, being yes brain. Yes I do.

Mercer Street is a gorgeous cobalt that calls to mind a perfect, cloudless blue sky on a swelteringly hot day somewhere over the south of France (not that I've ever been). Whilst the long lusted after (seriously I've wanted it forever!) Regents Place is a stunning lilac toned cornflower that is more reminiscent of bluebells and spring time. My personal favourite is Regents Place, which is currently adorning my toes and tips, but both are seriously beautiful and really pop against tanned skin, which sadly I don't have.

Now let's talk application, formula and longevity, you know the technical stuff. The application is ridiculously easy, the brush is fairly standard, nothing special but really easy to use. The real star is the formula which is both thick and creamy yet easily workable and leaves a glossy, hi-shine finish which I love. It does take 3 coats to get opaque coverage but that's fairly standard with Nails Inc. I only picked these up on Friday so I haven't had the chance to check out what the longevity is like but other blogger reviews promise a good 5-6 days of wear time before needing to reapply, so I will definitely let you know if this is the case.

*Post Update:* Regent's Place has lasted really well on my toes and is still chip free 5 days in but it didn't last as well on my finger tips, chipping after 3 day on my fingers. 

Nails Inc had a bit of a revamp last year which included redesigned packaging, which I really like, it's so sleek, and an increased price point, which I don't think is justified as you actually get 2ml less product but hey ho. Overall I am really impressed and will be adding more to my ever growing and now quite frankly ridiculous nail polish collection. 350 and counting... it's pretty bad guys!

Have you tried any of the Nails Inc Gel Effects? What do you think? Let me know on twitter, by commenting below or dropping me an email at, Also check out my instagram, facebook, bloglovin', snapchat - search lolarocknroses - and pinterest to stay updated.

Love love love xxx

P.S. My mum picked up the daisy dish (in the pictures) for me for £2 in the Next Sale, she got it for me in white as well and I'm OBSESSED with them. Be prepared to see them in way more blog photos. Also let me know if you'd be interested in seeing any homeware hauls or anything like that.

L x

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