Thursday, 2 July 2015

June Non-Beauty Favourites 2015

I had so many Non-Beauty Favourites this month that I thought they really deserved their own post. So let's talk Non-Beauty Faves!
Pitch Perfect 2

I love this film! I kinda thought I would because I was already a huge fan of the first one, and obviously the insane girl crush on Anna Kendrick continues, but I was surprised by how much I liked it.  It's so funny, it has some really amazing music in it and is all about the girl power. It's awesome, and really stands up alongside the first film. Roll on Pitch Perfect 3! This brings me to my next favourite...
Crazy Youngsters by Ester Dean

I am obsessed with the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack, obvs, but this song is one of my absolute favourites from it. I've been listening to it pretty much constantly because it gets me so PUMPED! If I went to the gym (I'm working on it) this would be my new favourite work out song. I seriously love it. 
Wish I Was Here

I've been a massive Zach Braff fan for years and Wish I Was Here has been on my to watch list for ages but I'd just never got round to watching it. Well I finally did and it's fantastic! It's funny, bittersweet and completely heartbreaking with a terrific soundtrack. It has a fabulous cast including the incredible Kate Hudson and the so-talented-she-makes-me-feel-like-I-need-to-get-my-shit-together Joey King as Braff's daughter Grace. Plus if you're a Scrubs fan, like me, there are loads of cameos from former cast members. It's such a good film, definitely give it a watch if you're a fan of funny, awesome, indie movies or Zach Braff. You know what just watch it. 

99 Days by Katie Cotugno

I was a HUGE fan of Cotugno's first book How to Love, it's actually one of my favourites, so I was desperate to get my hands on her latest offering and I'm happy to say that it is fantastic! 99 Days is about Molly, a young girl who has returned home for the summer after escaping to boarding school a year earlier. Before she went away Molly had been in a relationship with this guy Patrick for years, they had grown up together and everything was great until the day they broke up and she slept with his very handsome older brother Gabe. To make matters oh so much worse Molly's mother, who I hated btw, is a famous novelist and wrote a book about the whole thing. After returning to her small home town over a year later Molly has to survive 99 days of summer and the wrath of Patrick and his bitchy sister Julia before she can leave for college and never look back. Luckily handsome Gabe is also home for the summer to make things a bit better. Now I really, really loved this book, I also had a bit of a crush on Gabe but that's beside the point, it's heartfelt and very moving and really highlights society's hypocrisy of applauding guys and shaming girls when it comes to sex. It's a fabulous, fabulous book and I will be reading it again very soon. 

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Speaking of fabulous books... I've had The Rosie Project on my kindle for ages but hadn't had the chance to read it so when my lectures finished for the summer and I had a bit more time for reading this was the first book I reached for and I loved it. The Rosie Project is about Don Tillman, a geneticist with Aspergers Syndrome who has no idea that he is on the Autistic Spectrum, who after a series of disastrous dates starts 'the wife project' in order to meet his perfect match. Instead he meets Rosie, a bar maid who brings chaos into his neatly ordered world. For any Big Bang Theory fans out there this is very much a love story told by a Sheldon Cooper-esque figure. It's excellent, well written, very funny and actually quite sweet,  the best part  though is the fact that it's the first in a series and the sequel The Rosie Effect is really good as well. 

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Love love love xxx

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