Thursday, 14 May 2015

Liebster Award

I'd never actually heard of the Liebster Award until I was nominated by Emma from A Ginger Blondie but I actually think it's a really cool idea.  If you want to take part all you have to do is answer the questions, come up with 11 of your own questions and tag/nominate a fellow blogger via social media or through their blog.

Emma's Questions:

1. Who inspires you?

Fleur De Force! She is the person I aspire to be! The woman is a machine. I genuinely do not know how she does it. I watched April DeForce and she was just constantly on the go, and even though she gets to do some really incredible things she must be so tired! Does she ever stop? I. Love. Her! I'm also really inspired by Anna Kendrick because seriously is there anything that woman can't do? (Answer: no, there is not! She can do everything) And Emma Watson. And Jennifer Lawrence. And Taylor Swift. And Karen Gillan. And Mindy Kaling. Seriously guys the list is endless.

2. Tea or Coffee?

Tea! I don't drink coffee at all but I love tea. Particularly green tea. My favourite is Twinings Green Tea with Gingerbread. It's the Tom Hiddleston of tea: hot, sweet and absolutely gorgeous! I'm obsessed with it. Much like I am with Tom Hiddleston! Ehehehehe! (Hiddlestoners will get that! Normal folk not so much)

3. Dogs or Cats?

Dogs! Dogs are actually the best animal in the entire world. Fact! I have four Jack Russell terriers and they're so cute and funny and I just love them! And they love me too. That's why dogs are awesome.
I'm aware that I'm making myself sound like a crazy dog lady but I'm okay with it. 

4. Favourite Blogs?

I read so many blogs, it's in the triple digits, but I absolutely adore beauty blogs -which is why I have one just fyi -. I am absolutely obsessed with Fleur DeForceVivianna Does Makeup, Lily Pebbles and Essie Button, they're my fave youtubers too, but in terms of blogs they're pictures are stunning, their copy is on point and I just generally love them. I know this sounds weird but I trust them, if a product gets their seal of approval then it's got to be good. That and I have the same skin tone as them so I know that what works for them in terms of foundation and concealer should work for me too.  For all the fun, creative, DIY-y stuff I adore A Beautiful Mess and for baking I love love love Scarlet Scorch Droppers, which is amazing but I'll be honest not a great one to read if you're watching what you eat , which I am, because the things Jennie makes are just incredible! I also love HelloGiggles for it's general awesomeness!

5. Favourite Food?

ALL THE FOOD! I jest, I jest... except not really. My favourite food changes all the time and it kinda depends on my mood as well. Like right now I'd say my favourite food is Jaffa Cakes, because I'm really craving them but can't be bothered to drag myself off of my comfy bed to the kitchen to get them, which only makes me want them more, because I want them but can't have them (side note: just pretty much summed up my love life there :S)  Also, and this is quite a weird one, but I LOVE honey. I'm like Winnie the Pooh! Except without the excuse of being an adorable cartoon bear. Seriously though I love it. One of my mum's friends keeps bees (Don't ask!) and he gave me a huge jar of organic honey from his beehive for Christmas and I loved it and went through it so quickly. And I'm not kidding it was a massive jar. I don't eat it out of the jar but I always have a big spoonful of honey in my tea and I drink a lot of tea so I go through a lot of honey. 

6. Favourite part/post on your blog?

My favourite post on my blog is fairly recent. Let's Get Real: The Big Fat Truth. It was quite a hard post to write and it was really scary to send that kind of stuff out into the abyss of the internet but I got such a lovely response to it and it felt so empowering to get it all off my chest and open up about the harder stuff. 

7. How you found out about/why you started blogging?

I got into blogging during my second year at university. I've actually just had my second year blogaversary - me being me I didn't even notice. Typical - but a friend of mine had a blog and had been blogging for years and she suggested I start one. So I did. And I love it. 

8. If I was to give you £100,000 right now, what would be the first thing you'd do/buy?

Hmm this one is a four way tie between booking a very long trip to New York, getting a new laptop because mine is on it's last legs, buying a decent camera and buying a car/paying for driving lessons. I'd do all of them pretty much straight away but booking a trip to New York would be the first thing I'd do :) It's my happy place.

9. Friends you've made through blogging? 

Katy from Sirens & Bells is a really close friend of mine, we met at uni and were really, really good  friends before I started blogging, she actually got me into blogging but I think it's definitely made us closer. Blogging gave us something to bond over.

10. Best/Worst parts of blogging?

The best part of blogging for me is having my very own corner of the internet where I can write about the things I love and say what I think. The worst part of blogging is that it can take over my life sometimes and I always feel so guilty if I don't get posts up on time. Blogging can be hardwork but I love it so much. Nothing wrong with working really hard at something you love and are passionate about regardless of whether it pays or not. 

11. One piece of advice you'd give newbie bloggers?

Stick with it. Be consistent. Also learning to take a good photo is invaluable :) Write about what you love. Be honest. Write a blog you'd want to read - I'll be completely honest here I'm not entirely convinced that my blog views aren't just me refreshing the page ;) - But I think the most important thing is to do it because you love it. Don't expect anything to come of it, if something does that is beyond awesome but if it doesn't you're still getting to write something you love and that's a really good thing. That was way more than one piece of advice... oops!

I nominate Katy from Sirens & Bells but feel free to do the tag.

My questions are:

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. Bold eye or bold lip? 

3. Lipstick or nail varnish? 

4. Place you most want to visit?

5. Favourite blogs and why? 

6. Favourite thing to cook/bake?

7. Other bloggers you admire? 

8.  Which 5 people would be at your fantasy dinner party?

9. Beauty product you can't live without? 

10. Favourite food?

11. Favourite TV Show? 

If you do take part in this tag then let me know on twitter, in the comments below or by dropping me an email at Also check me out on instagram, facebook, snapchat - my username is lolarocknroses, bloglovin & pinterest. I'll be back Thursday 

Until then...

Love love love xxx


  1. Love your answers gal!! I'd probs go to New York too!! Would be amazing!!! X


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