Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Super Yummy Healthy Pancakes

I've been on Slimming World for a month now - and lost 12 pounds! - and even though I'm not finding it nearly as hard as I thought I would it's not the easiest thing I've ever done. (Having to break up with chocolate has just been the worst!) BUT it's totally worth it. 

The only thing is after a while food can get a bit same-y and that's the last thing you want. After weeks of beans and poached eggs on butterless wholemeal toast for breakfast I thought I'd give these pancakes a whirl and they're amazing! Not only were they were ridiculously easy to make, they were super yummy too and the best part about the whole thing is they're not bad for you. Like not even a little bit! Obviously I had to share this with you lot... far be it from to keep this recipe to myself.

(Note: these are best served as small American style pancakes, otherwise the whole thing turns into a giant oaty, eggy mess that looks like cat food! Yuck!)

Serves 2, makes between 6 - 9 pancakes.


70g Rolled Porridge Oats 
240g Yoghurt (I used Mullerlight Greek)
2 Eggs
2 tbsp Sweetener


1. Mix the yoghurt and oats and put in the fridge to chill, preferably overnight but a couple of hours will do. 

2. When the oats and yoghurt have chilled for a bit whisk the eggs and sweetener into the mixture until it starts to resemble pancake batter. It doesn't become completely smooth but has that kind of gloopy, spooning (LOL) consistency.

3. Pre-heat the frying pan and spray liberally with Frylight - non- Slimming World-ers can just use oil.  

4. Dollop a tablespoon of the mixture into the frying pan and let it spread. Fry on either side for 3 - 4 minutes. 

5.  Serve, eat and enjoy. I had mine with a teaspoon of honey and  berries and it was amazing, but you can have anything. They'd be incredible with nutella, everything is incredible with nutella! 

This is the first recipe post I've ever done so I really hope you enjoyed it. If you try these pancakes, or want more slimmer friendly recipes, then let me know on twitter, by commenting below or dropping me an email. Also check out my instagram, bloglovin, facebook & pinterest if you have a minute. 

Right guys have a lovely week and I'll be back on Thursday. 

Until then...

Love love love xxx


  1. These look great! I'm on a definate slim down at the moment and these look so tasty! Thanks for the recipie! x


  2. Thanks for reading! Let me know if you try the pancakes. They were so good.



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