Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

In the last 8 months or so my skin has changed for the worse. Once upon a time my skin was  normal, slightly sensitive but mostly clear with only the occasional blackhead. How I miss those days! Now it's a completely different story. My skin is  dry, super sensitive, prone to almost constant breakouts/blackheads and it seems that no matter what I do it doesn't get any better.  

I was getting pretty desperate when I thought I'd give the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque a try, I'd heard good things and thought why not?  The Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is a thick, green clay mask  that promises a deeply clean, oil free and healthy looking complexion by deeply cleansing and refreshing the skin, absorbing excess oil, extracting impurities and minimizing the appearance of  pores. It promises a lot.  But it so delivers. 

The first time I used it I left it on for 10 minutes and it didn't seem to make too much of a difference, the second time, however, I left it on for longer and Woah Mama! The difference it made is incredible.  My skin is clearer and smoother, my pores are reduced and it feels so fresh and clean. It didn't get rid of all my  blackheads because some of those bad boys are really in there (sorry that's so gross!) but it did get rid of any superficial blackheads, dried out any whiteheads and made my skin look and feel so much clearer. Not only is it awesome, but it smells gorgeous too, like spearmint, and it feels really soft against the skin. It's also ridiculously affordable, that giant 340g tub cost me less than £5 on amazon. Bargain!

I wasn't expecting miracles, and the first time I tried it I wasn't impressed, but actually I do really think it's amazing and I strongly recommend it,  maybe not for those with dry skin because it can be slightly drying but it would work really well for those with combination or oily skin. 

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Love love love xxx

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