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February Favourites 2015

It's that time of the month again - no not that time! - where I tell you lovely people about the things I've been loving over the past 4 weeks.  So grab yourselves a cup of tea - maybe a snack,  make yourselves comfortable and let's do this! 

Bourjois Dotting Tool  

When it comes to nail art I am worse then useless. Honestly it's pretty amazing that I can even paint my own nails but this dotting tool is so easy to use that even a noob like me can use it and make decent looking polka dots. So simple but so effective. 

No 7 Make Up Brush Cleanser 

Not the most exciting of beauty favourites but definitely one of the more necessary.  Every make up lover knows what an absolute ball-ache it is to clean make up brushes. It's a necessary evil but it's time consuming and boring and I always end up with prune hands. BUT this has made the whole thing so much easier.  I use this once a week to spot clean my brushes - I deep clean once a month - and it's so good. It's not too alcohol-y so it doesn't dry out my brushes and takes no time at all. 2 pumps onto some kitchen towel, swirl the brush and voila clean brushes.

Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in #520 Light It Up 

I ADORE the Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils. So when I saw this gorgeous blue toned red, it was a no brainer,  I simply had to have it. The formula is delightful. It's creamy but long lasting and doesn't bleed into the lip line.  It is so comfortable to wear, has an amazing colour pay off and a beautiful velvety matte finish. I will be adding more of these to my growing collection because they're gorgeous. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in #2 Cool Medium

This was a favourite last month and it's so good that it's a favourite this month too.  I won't bang on about it too much for fear of repeating myself and boring you lovely people but trust me it's amazing.  It has great coverage, is easily blendable and I love it. 

This polish is amazing and cost £1. Yep you read that right.  £1. The formula is fabulous. It's thick and creamy yet easily workable, it is so easy to apply, is uniformly opaque within 2 coats and the colour, as you can see, is ridiculously pretty. I love it. 

O.P.I in Peace & Love & O.P.I 

I have been lusting after O.P.I's Peace & Love & O.P.I for months now so I was over the moon when my sister picked it up for me at Sally's (she's a sweetheart).  It is the most beautiful dark purple and green duo-chrome. Now I really like O.P.I but sometimes the formula can be a bit pants, and this one does tend to lean towards the streaky side however it only takes three coats to be opaque and it is so worth it because the colour is seriously gorgeous and mermaid-like. 

The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force

Okay,so my girlcrush on Fleur De Force continues. I've been reading a lot of youtubers guide books lately, they're a great distraction from the mind numbingly dull reading I have to do for uni (Post-modernism? Seriously, who cares?!), and The Glam Guide is my absolute favourite. It's beautifully illustrated, nicely written and the photography is amazing. I love it. 


Image via 

I spend a lot of time travelling between home and uni, with me not being able to drive and there being no direct train it means a two hour bus journey each way. I can't read because I get travel sick so podcasts have fast become one of my favourite things. And oh my God! Serial is my favourite, it is beyond amazing. It's completely addictive and absolutely fascinating. I've even got  my mum listening to it  and she never listens to me. That's how good it is!

Tetley's Green Tea with  Apple & Blackberry 

AKA the most delicious green tea ever. Now I'm a big green tea drinker, have been for years. And as a seasoned green tea pro I know that a lot of flavoured green teas are not good, this one is amazing.  I picked this up because I ran out of tea and wanted to try something new. It is so warming and comforting and so yummy that I can't stop drinking it. Seriously I've been through at least 3 boxes, which is 60 cups of tea.

Malteaster Bunnies 

I have been eating these non-stop because Easter Chocolate is actually the best. I don't even like Malteasers, Malteaster Bunnys, on the other hand, are a whole other kettle of yummy chocolate bunny-fish.

Pat Benatar - All Fired Up 

Okay so All Fired Up by Pat Benatar maybe  the most eighties thing to ever eighties BUT that's what makes it awesome. IT has  been getting me out of bed in the mornings. Why?! Because it just gets me ALL FIRED UP!  (that's right I went there!)  Seriously though whenever I listen to this song I get so pumped and motivated that I am ready to hit the ground running. It's such a good song! 


Okay I promise I'll stop talking about Kodaline soon! I'm having a moment of obsession and I'm just really loving them right now. The new album Coming Up for Air is really good, but personally I prefer their first album. In a Perfect World is incredible, and made all the more impressive considering it was their debut! Seriously I feel like Steve Garrigan - who I believe is the song writer - cracked open my heart and turned what he found there into amazing and beautiful music that I could listen to over and over again (definitely have done that) and yes I am aware of how unbelievably cheesy that sounds. 

So those were my February Favourites what were yours?  Let me know by commenting below, on twitter or by dropping me an email at lolarocknroses@gmail.com. Also check out my instagram, facebook, Bloglovin & pinterest for daily updates. 

Have a lovely week and I'll see you soon, 

Love love love xxx

*Disclaimer* I own the photos only, I do not own the Pat Benatar or Kodaline video, videos were used for entertainment purposes only. 

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