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My Goals for 2015!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone has had a fabulous Christmas and New Year. I thought I would kick off 2015 by telling you guys some of my New Years Resolutions. Except I'm not calling them Resolutions because that sounds really scary and I associate that with failure. So instead I'm calling them Goals, which sounds much less frightening and way more manageable.

At the start of every year I make hundreds of New Year's Resolutions & every year, without fail, I'll have forgotten half of them before February rolls around. This year I thought I'd post them for all you lovely people to see for a little accountability, which means that if I fail people are gonna know about it so I'd better try a bit harder.

Now I'm not gonna post all of my resolutions goals on here, because I have quite a few and some of them are quite personal, but I thought I would post the ones I really, really want to do and don't mind people knowing about. Let's do this. 

Take better care of myself. 

For those of you who watch New Girl, I have recently learnt that Nick Miller is my spirit animal. I am a female Nick, which is both funny and a little bit sad. I eat really bad food, and that's when I can be bothered to eat, most of the time I exist on coke (the soft drink, not the illegal substance), which is beyond bad for you and I will definitely be giving that up in the new year. I don't have good sleeping habits and I don't really get a lot of sleep. Case in point as I write this it is 01:05 am in the morning I have to be up in less than 6 hours, which is the minimum amount of sleep I require to function like a human and I am not even close to being sleepy yet. Basically my life can be summed up perfectly in this quote: 'I'm not a successful adult! I don't eat vegetables and/or take care of myself!' Yep, that's me...definitely need to change that. 

Start Youtubing.

This is something I've wanted to do for ages but it's definitely going to have to go on the backburner for at least the first half of the year while I finish my degree and also save up for a decent camera. At the moment I take all my photos for my blog on my phone, which is fine, but you can't really make good quality videos with it. I do have a camera but I got it when I was 16 (which is 7 years ago now... gulp!) and the picture quality is shocking. But yeah I definitely hope to be youtubing by the end of 2015. I have a lot of ideas too and I'm really excited by the prospect so definitely keep an eye out for that! 

Exercise More 

I am a human sloth! When I'm at uni I walk everywhere which is good but other than that nothing. So because I want to start taking proper care of myself like a proper adult I definitely need to partake in some exercise. If anyone has any tips or hints on this then help a sister out and comment them down below because exercise is not at all my forte. Sleeping all day however that I can do. 

Make more friends

Okay so this sounds a little bit strange and more than a little sad so let me give you some context. I'm doing a postgraduate degree at the same uni where I did my undergrad. During my BA I had a really good social life and I had some amazing friends who I saw everyday. 

Proof that I do have actual real friends... they're not gonna be happy about this :S 

Now that we've graduated everyone's scattered and gone their separate ways so I don't see them very much. Some of my closest friends are spread across Newcastle, Nottingham, Eastbourne and Surrey and I split my time between Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire so they're not exactly local. Now I feel kinda like the person who stayed a bit too long at the party and it's really awkward. While I do still have one or two friends here and my housemates are lovely it's not the same. So I definitely need to branch out and try meeting some new people. The only problem is I am incredibly socially awkward at the best of times, couple that with the fact that I'm a bit of a hermit with one hell of a bitch face and I am terrified. Out of all of my goals this is probably the scariest, it's going to be a challenge. Making friends when you are over the age of 5 is a genuinely, terrifying prospect. Eeeeeeek! Wish me luck.

Learn to Drive

Driving is something I have really struggled with. I started lessons when I was 17 until I couldn't afford it anymore. I tried again after my 20th birthday but then there was an incident in my first lesson where I had to make a left turn and stalled, a really nice lady braked so I could turn and then this idiot overtook her and I had to emergency break. It sounds really silly but it really shook me up and I lost my confidence so I gave up. I would really like to get over that hump this year. Driving would make my life so much easier. 

Learn to Play Guitar

I've had my guitar, Maggie, since I was 10 and I can play some chords but other than that she's pretty much just sat in the corner gathering dust, poor thing! So I'd like to be able to play a song, and it actually sound like that song, by the end of the year.

So those are my New Years Resolutions. What are yours? Let me know on twitter, by commenting below or even by dropping me an email Also, if you feel like it, check out my instagram, facebook, Bloglovin & pinterest and give me a cheeky follow. 

Happy New Year! xxx 

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