Sunday, 2 November 2014

Lola Loves... Halloween

So yes Halloween is over for another year but before the imminent celebration of Christmas begins I thought I would share my favourite things about Halloween. Starting with Movies. 

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It's no secret that I am a complete and utter chicken. I'm not a fan of scary films in the slightest however Halloween is the one day a year where I put all my scaredy cat tendancies aside and ready myself for a good scare, and by good scare I mean a good scare for a 5 year old!

Past Halloweens have seen me try to watch actual scary films and one of two things happens, either it's too scary for me and I'll turn it off OR I'll find it completely ridiculous to the point where it's funny. Strangely this happened with both The Shining and Psycho, arguably 2 of the scariest films ever made. In both cases I found them utterly ridiculous. Weird.

Anyway these are my  favourite Halloween films: 

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

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Okay so technically, technically this is a Christmas film but I watch it every Halloween, why? Because it is so creepy that I still get a thrill of fear whenever I watch it. For those who haven't seen it The Nightmare Before Christmas is a stop motion animated film produced and written by Tim Burton, hence the creepiness. It tells the story of Pumpkin King Jack Skellington the most frightening skeleton in all of Halloweentown. Who, after another successful and scary Halloween, is left feeling dissatisfied with life. After stumbling across Christmastown Jack tries to take over Christmas and everything goes a bit wrong. It's amazing. 

Hocus Pocus 

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Another childhood favourite that I watch religiously every year. It's just amazing.  After being hanged for witchcraft 300 years previously the Sanderson sisters return on Halloween for one night of madness and mayhem. I have watched this film every Halloween for as long as I can remember and I still think it's excellent. They don't make Disney films like this anymore!

Fancy dress & face paint

(This is my very talented bestie who painted both our faces! She's an artist, check her out on instagram)

I love dressing up and I love face paint so it makes sense that Halloween is my second favourite holiday (with Christmas taking the top spot obvs!) I had to work late this Halloween so I didn't get the chance to get dressed up in my witchy finest. But after work me and the bestest went back to hers where she painted our faces (see above) before we put on Hocus Pocus and ate sweets. It was a great night! 

This brings me to my final favourite thing about Halloween 


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Halloween is the only night of the year when eating as many sweets as you can before you're sick is socially acceptable. No further explanation needed. 

What are your favourite things about Halloween? Let me know on twitter, using #LolaLoves, or by commenting below. If you do comment I always try to reply so do check back. Also check me out on facebookBloglovininstagram & pinterest

So that's me for today have a lovely Sunday and I'll be back on  Tuesday. 

Until then... 

Love love love xxx 

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