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Lola Loves... Christmas Movies Part 1

It’s getting to that time of year when it becomes socially acceptable to watch Christmas Movies (for everyone else that is, I've been watching them since Bonfire Night!)  So in no particular order I thought I'd share my favourite festive movies to get you all in the Christmas spirit. 

Peter Pan

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Not the Disney cartoon the 2003 live action version starring a young and incredibly blonde Jeremy Sumpter and the ridiculously talented Jason Isaacs. Whilst this is not necessarily a Christmas film I watch it every year. It fills me with a childlike sense of joy and wonder. Are there any better feelings to have around Christmastime? I don't think so.

Love Actually 

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The quintessential Christmas classic, I defy anyone to watch this film and not feel an impending sense of joy. Usually I watch it once a week, every week for the six weeks leading up to Christmas because  I love it that much (and I'm a tad obsessive.) I'm an enormous fan of pretty much everyone in this film, particularly Bill Nighy who's hilarious  rendition of Christmas is All Around just makes me so happy.


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Again not a Christmas film but I'm convinced it is, I think it's the fact that it has quite a lot of snow in it. Anyway I love this film, for me it'a staple viewing once December rolls around.

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

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In true Burtonesque fashion this film is deliciously creepy and yet somehow quite cheerful at the same time. I first saw this film when I was really little, little enough for it to absolutely terrify me, 20 years later I still feel a thrill of fear whenever I watch it but I think that's all part of the fun. I mentioned this in my recent Lola Loves...Halloween post as one of my favourite Halloween films and the same is true for Christmas films as well. Once October rolls around The Nightmare before Christmas is on my screen. 

Home Alone & Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

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I spend the majority of these films screaming abuse at Kevin's awful, awful parents and family. Seriously do Mr & Mrs MacAllister even know that Kevin is their son? Like are they aware of that? Because it certainly doesn't seem like it. Having said that I think these films are nothing short of  amazing. They are pure Christmas fabulousness. Despite Kevin's terrible family. 

The Muppet Christmas Carol

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This film has been around longer than I've been alive. For me it is as much a part of Christmas as the tree or presents or turkey or presents. It's amazing! I mean Michael Caine AND The Muppets! Well it doesn't get much better than that. 

The Grinch

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The Grinch is hands down my favourite Christmas film of all time. It's simply not Christmas until I've watched it...repeatedly. The Grinch is hilarious and heartwarming and it stars Jim Carrey who I love. Not only is it the best Christmas film ever (in my opinion) but the production and staging are really impressive and the make up is seriously incredible. I adore this film, always have done. 

Have you seen any of these Christmas Classics? What do you think? Love them? Hate them? Let me know on twitter, using #LolaLoves, by commenting below or dropping me an email Also check out my instagram, facebook, Bloglovin and pinterest

For me this is just the tip of the Christmas Movie Iceberg, I've got way more coming but you will see those in Lola Loves... Christmas Movies Part 2 which will be up later in the week. 

Until then...

Love love love xxx

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