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Guardians of the Galaxy: A Movie Review

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I am obsessed with comic book movies, there is no point in denying it. I have an Iron Man  phone case and my personal collection of comic book movies is pretty awesome, which I think tells you everything you need to know.

These were just the ones I could find.... Nerd Alert!

 So I think it's fairly safe to say that I love them, with that in mind you can imagine how excited I've been for Guardians of the Galaxy. Honestly...I've been counting down the days. And last week I saw it... twice. And I can safely say that IT WAS AWESOME!

First of all the casting is stellar, it has some kickass female leads (I'm looking at you Karen Gillan & Zoe Saldana) which is always awesome! 

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But honestly the true stars were Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star Lord and Bradley Cooper as Rocket Racoon

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Being both a fan of Parks & Rec and The Lego Movie I was already a huge fan of Chris Pratt BEFORE he was Star Lord. He is so amazing as Andy Dwyer in Parks & Rec for many reasons. This is one of them. 

This is another 

He's so hilarious and adorable.  So yeah I already loved Chris Pratt quite a lot but after seeing him in Guardians he has cemented his place in my heart (woah that sounds creepy) I love him, charming and chubby or ripped and still quite charming. I just love him. It's weird but I feel something like a proud mother... my man crush is all grown up and saving the galaxy (again super creepy!) Anyway my point is - besides my crazy love for Chris Pratt - that he is perfect as Star Lord. He's really funny, but also sweet and totally kick ass. Amazing. 

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Rocket was my absolute favourite character in Guardians, including Star Lord. He was hilarious, had a really cool voice (voiced by Bradley Cooper, insert heart eyed emoji) and he was a total genius. Rocket is awesome. 

Not only is the casting good but the soundtrack is incredible. One of the songs, Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Swede, is now my ring tone because it is such a great song. The soundtrack is full of loads of recognisable, feel good, happy songs which is super awesome. 

Honestly I cannot stress just how good this movie is. The soundtrack is amazing, the cast are equally so and it manages to be hilarious, action packed and heart warming all at the same time. 

So that was what I thought of Guardians of the Galaxy. Have you seen it yet? What did you think? Did you love it? Let me know either by twitter or comment below. If you do comment I try to always reply so do check back :) Also check me out on facebook, BlogLovin, instagram & pinterest

Love love love xxx

P.S. Sorry this is late guys, this was actually meant to be posted last night but has taken the place of this weeks 2 Stars and A Wish instead. I have had a hideous migraine over the past few days that has put me out of action since Monday night. I'm still feeling really ill but I'm better than I was. Business as usual next week I promise xx 

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