Thursday, 3 July 2014

2 Stars & A Wish #5

You will have noticed that today is in fact Thursday (I’m very good at stating the obvious!) and 2 Stars & A Wish is usually posted on a Wednesday (again, my obvious stating is excellent) Last night I went to my sister’s to get my roots touched up (they were in dire need) and by the time she was finished I was more than ready for bed. But here it is as promised… just a day behind schedule.

My First Star this week is jointly awarded to Lisle Street by Nails Inc & Nail Jewellery in Justice Walk by Nails Inc.

I am a huge fan of Nails Inc. Of my 188 strong nail polish collection, at least 40 of them are Nails Inc. These two have been loitering at the back of my collection, unused and unnoticed, and probably would have remained that way if I hadn't had a super girly night with my friends last Saturday. We decided that it was of the utmost importance for us to paint our nails. And to do that we needed to enlist the help of my vast nail polish collection. After we had marveled - seriously it is quite something to behold-  we got stuck in. Being completely spoilt for choice I made the girls pick for me and these were the colours they chose. 

Nails Inc in Lisle Street is a really, really pretty coral colour. Whilst I’m not a pastels kinda girl I do love a good coral polish and this one is gorgeous. I can’t believe I’ve had it for over a year and I’ve never used it before. Bad LaurenI feel like I need to explain myself, I don’t just mindlessly buy nail polish I never use. Actually that’s a lie I totally do. But in my defence every couple of months or so Nails Inc has a Lucky Dip Sale which is 7 randomly selected polishes for £20, offering a saving of over £50. It’s a total bargain so obviously I’ve done it a few times. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s how I accrued my sizable collection of Nails Inc Polishes. The only problem is I don’t get to choose and if the colours don’t jump out at me straight away then they tend to get forgotten about. The upside to this is that my nail polish collection is full of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered (downside I’m a crazy nail varnish hoarder.)

Like I said the colour is a really beautiful coral, that manages to make even my ghostly hands look tanned. It also lasts a really long time without chipping. I’m so glad they picked this one out for me otherwise it would have remained forgotten and forlorn at the back of my stash. The only teeny tiny niggle I have with Lisle Street is the slightly watery formula. Usually I have absolutely no qualms with the formula of Nails Inc polishes. Having said that it’s really not a deal breaker it just needs an extra coat to be opaque. Overall I’m really happy with it and I absolutely love it. 

Nails Inc Nail Jewellery in Justice Walk is an Amber coloured glitter. I'm normally not a huge glitter fan (because it is so goshdarn difficult to remove), which is probably why its been overlooked for so long. But the minute I put it on I fell completely in love with it. The colour is so pretty and the formula is amazing. It's thick enough that it only takes a few coats to be opaque but also thin enough that one layer can act as a sparkly top coat. I'm so happy about ths

My Second Star this week goes to Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover 

I bought this because I'd never tried a dual action eye make up remover before and I was curious to see what it was like. I've been using it every night before I go to bed for the past two weeks and I have to say it has really impressed me (you can see in the picture how much I've been using it.) The oil based layer is specially formulated to be tough on make up but gentle on the skin and to remove even the most stubborn of waterproof mascaras. It took on Benefits They're Real mascara, a mascara notorious for it's hard to remove formula, and won. The water based layer soothes and protects the delicate under eye skin and conditions the eyelashes (which has actually made a noticeable difference. Who'd have thunk it?) Despite being partly oil based it doesn't have a greasy texture and doesn't sting the eyes. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my love for No 7's Beautiful Skin Eye Make Up Remover (read it here) but this one literally blows it out of the water (sorry No7 I still love you). It's amazing. 

My Wish this week goes to Pantene Pro-V Split End Serum for Normal/Thick Hair

Some of you will know my hair is a source of both intense love and intense hate in my life. My mission is to grow my hair to my waist, in the hope that the added length will weigh down my hair causing my curls to go from completely insane to only moderately so. 3 years ago my hair, after years of bleach and straightening abuse, had to be cut to my collar bone. I was absolutely devastated, when straightened my hair was barely medium length. When curly it was a chin length bob at best. I absolutely hated it that length. Short hair, of any kind, does not even remotely suit me. Anyway 3 years later and my hair is oh so slowly inching its way down my back towards my waist, another 2 years and it will (hopefully) reach its target. So where does Pantene Pro V Split End serum come into all this? Well split ends are my mortal enemy. They are the Voldemort to my Harry Potter. If Harry Potter was a gobby red head (Ron Weasley anyone?). I loathe split ends, so I bought this as a preventative measure to see if it would make any difference. Sadly it doesn’t work. I applied the serum to the ends of my hair literally every time I washed my hair for months and it made little to no difference to the state of my split ends. The formula is really thick and weighs down the ends of my hair and made them look greasy which I hate. It does smell really nice but that doesn’t do much good when it doesn’t do what it says it will. Overall I was really disappointed with this. Big thumbs down.

There won't be a Friday I'm in Love this week instead my June Favourites will be taking it's place. I have never done a Favourites post before so I am super excited about it. Friday I'm in Love will be back as normal from next week. 

Until Friday then lovely people check out my twitter, facebook, Bloglovin, instagram & pinterest for your daily Lolarocknroses fix, if you need one that is. 

Love love love xxx

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