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How to Train Your Dragon 2: A Review

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 2 posts in one day?! I hear you cry out in barely contained glee (well not really), don't say I don't spoil you. Now I must confess something... I love kids films. Love them. Now when it comes to kids films it's a truth universally acknowledged that Disney pretty much rules the roost. Disney is the mack daddy of children's entertainment and for good reason (Frozen anyone? Toy Story 1,2 & 3 anyone?) But every now and then a non-Disney (usually DreamWorks) film comes along that is that good it achieves icon status. How to Train Your Dragon is one such film. And I'm pretty sure that How to Train Your Dragon 2 will be one as well. As those of you who read Friday I'm in Love #5 will know that I was planning to go see Maleficent today with my cousin/bestie. Unfortunately the only showing of Maleficent was at 11:00 am and by the time I'd dragged my sorry arse out of bed, showered and dressed we'd missed it. So we went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 instead.

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When the first How to Train Your Dragon came out I was working at Cineworld and it was inescapable. I could recite the entire trailer word for word I had seen it that many times. But it was brilliant and it's brilliance meant that I didn't want to escape it, unlike some other films I could mention. Let's just say that working a Twilight opening weekend brutally murdered any enjoyment I took from that series. Anyway How to Train Your Dragon was different. It was excellent and I loved it. 

So when I heard that there was to be a sequel I was both excited and dubious. Excited because there was going to be a second How to Train Your Dragon and as I've mentioned I loved the first one. And dubious because how could it possibly live up to the amazingness that was the first film. Well let me tell you it has more than lived up to it's already stellar reputation. 

Set five years after the first film HTTYD2 tells the story of the former misfit Hiccup -who is hot now btw- who is now known as 'the pride of Berk' and set to follow in his father's footsteps and become the Chief of the tribe. I won't give away too much as it is well worth a watch but trust me when I say it is so good. It made me laugh, it made me cry, hysterically through the last 40 minutes and it had so many twists and turns. I loved it just as much as the first one. Which is saying something. 

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It's probably just me but how hot is older Hiccup? It's definitely just me. Well I've made myself look like a total freak! Oh well he is hot! Not ashamed. Look at that jawline... H-O-T! Someone find me a human version of that. Okay I'm going to stop perving over an animation now, because that is just too weird, even for me.  Moving on...

There is a third film, set for release in 2016, which will apparently explain the reasons why Dragons no longer exist, so I'm imagining there will be a lot of tears on my end. Mostly because Toothless is the cutest thing ever. Look at that face.

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Anyway guys I'm off to bed now because I have a killer headache kicking in and work in the morning. I hope you've enjoyed my second sneaky post of the day. Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon 2? What did you think? Did you love it as much as I did? Let me know on here or twitter. I really will be back tomorrow this time with Hopeless Romantic: My Favourite Couples from Books. So until then check me out on twitter, facebook, BlogLovin, instagram & pinterest, you know if you want too. 

Night night xxx

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