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Girl Crush 2014

Happy Monday! I hope you had an absolutely fabulous weekend. One of my first ever blog posts was about my girl crushes (read it here). So I thought I would update the list and tell you all about the ladies who have been inspiring me lately. Of course some of the usual suspects will be making an appearance -in the words of the late, great Whitney I will always love you JLaw! So without further ado and in no particular order... 

Mindy Kaling

She is my spirit animal. She is so kick ass I love her. I read Mindy's book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Other Concerns (and reviewed it, read it here) not that long ago and it just completely cemented my burgeoning feelings of love for Mindy. I absolutely adored her as the vain and slightly sociopathic Kelly Kapoor in the US adaptation of The Office, and then loved her even more when I found out she was one of the writers AND had written my favourite episode. However before I discovered the amazingness that was The Office I was already an avid viewer of The Mindy Project, the show that Mindy created, writes and stars in. Now there are many reasons why The Mindy Project is amazing. 1. The Delectable Dr. Danny Castellano. 2. It's hilarious. Finally and most importantly, 3. It's a female led comedy, which has proven it's comedic worth. Now before I go off on a feminist tangent very few female led comedies get taken seriously, The Mindy Project and New Girl proving the exception, more often than not sitcoms centred on a female character are usually cancelled (e.g. Suburgatory whose ratings were higher than a lot of the other shows on ABC and yet was still cancelled.)   Mindy is amazing, her shows are amazing! I love her and her Minnie Mouse voice. 

Tessa Altman

I am so gutted that Suburgatory has been cancelled. I love Tessa Altman. She is ballsy and opinionated and loud and has an amazing sense of style. Girl can rock a hat. I love her and I hate that I won't get to see more of her because alas! Suburgatory is no more.  

Jennifer Lawrence

I am madly, irrevocably in girl love with JLaw. In terms of girl crushes she's the one and I don't care that that made me sound like a creepy stalker. She's my spirit animal (I know I already said that about Mindy, can't a girl have 2 spirit animals?) and my hair idol. Not only is she hysterically funny, absurdly talented and stunningly beautiful but she is also an excellent role model. In the insane land that is Hollywood JLaw is considered a 'fat' actress because she refuses to diet. This is ridiculous for many reasons but mostly because she's tiny. She's amazing and her gifs are hilarious. So is this video of her on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (which I also love.) Enjoy! 

I.  Love. Her 

Karen Gillan

(I had to use this picture, she is playing with an Amy Pond action figure!)

Karen Gillan - I am OBSESSED with KG. She's an amazing actress who rocks some awesome vintage fashion. She was my hair idol before she shaved her head (she still looked amazing! How is that fair?). Not only was she arguably the best Doctor Who companion of all time (it's a toss up between Rose Tyler and Amy Pond) but she was brilliant in Not Another Happy Ending (reviewed it, loved it, read all about it here.) I just think she's amazing and oh so beautiful, only a really gorgeous woman can pull off being bald but Karen Gillan nailed it. I can't wait to see her as the evil and kick ass Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy. I love her. Want to be her.

Rashida Jones

 I like to think that Rashida Jones is the thinking girl's crumpet. She is the perfect mold to pour oneself into if you want to be a sexy, smart girl- which I do. Rashida (yeah we're on a first name basis) is responsible for the amazing Celeste & Jesse Forever - one of my favourite films, if you have netflix watch this immediately! -  and played the wonderful Ann Perkins in Parks & Rec (which I also love). She is so funny and clever and pretty. She's awesome. 

Lea Michele

I can't even begin to express the admiration and respect I have for Lea Michele.  Above all else she's a fighter and a survivor.  Since tragically losing her boyfriend Cory Monteith in July of last year she's had to deal with her grief with the whole world looking on and judging her. She has handled the situation with dignity and grace and I think that she is so brave and amazing. She is insanely talented and hardworking. I love her. I think she's a total inspiration.  

Jennifer Aniston

I am 90% sure that Jennifer Aniston was my first ever girl crush way back when. Who didn't adore her as Rachel in Friends? I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world and the way she is portrayed in the media as a desperate, baby crazy divorcee (erm...Justin Theroux anyone?) is disgusting. She is talented, beautiful and awesome. 


  I wrote a post ages ago about my love for Beyonce (read it here). She is beautiful, determined, super-talented and one half of the world's greatest power couple. It is not possible to dislike Beyonce. She is Queen of the World.  

Leslie Knope

Another lady of Parks & Rec fame. Leslie Knope is one of, if not the most positive female role model on television ever. She is determined, hilarious, a feminist, driven, ambitious and I think she is just the coolest person. I wish I was that awesome, I also wish I could only eat waffles and look that good. I'm so sad that the next season of Parks and Rec will be the last because I will miss Leslie Knope and her amazingness. Love her. And I also love the insanely talented Amy Poehler who plays her. 

Tina Fey

Oh Tina Fey! Who doesn't love Tina Fey? Not only is she responsible for the brilliant 30 Rock, she is also responsible for the even more brilliant Mean Girls (the high point of Lindsay Lohan's career let's be honest.) She is incredibly funny and clever and I think that's an amazing combination!

Tina you are so wise! 10 years on and Mean Girls is still awesome. So is Tina Fey.

Rik Mayall

I was so upset when I found out about Rik Mayall's passing this afternoon. Now I am fully aware that Rik Mayall was a man but it felt only right to include him in this list as he is someone I have admired all my life. When I was very young my favourite film was Drop Dead Fred (excellent parenting Dad!) starring the hilarious Rik Mayall. As I got older I became a huge fan of The Young Ones and Bottom both of which he wrote and starred in alongside his comedy partner Adrian Edmonsdon, I think he was a truly excellent comedian and actor and I'm very sad about his death. RIP Rik Mayall. 

So this isn't really just a list of my girl crushes anymore, more like a list of people I admire which is predominately made up of women. However this is just the tip of the Girl Crush iceberg. The full list is way more extensive and includes Emma Watson, Emma Stone (I love my Emmas!), Blake Lively, Tom Hiddleston (I am well aware that Mr Hiddleston is not a girl, I just love him so much that he had to be on my list of crushes regardless of gender). I am also crushing on a lot of Beauty Bloggers at the moment: ViviannaDoesMakeup, Lily Pebbles, Essie Button & Sammi from The Beauty Crush to name but a few. 

Anyway lovelies those are my Girl Crushes. Who are yours? Let me know via twitter,and while you're there have a sneaky peek at my facebook, Blogovin, instagram & pinterest

I'll be back on Wednesday with 2 Stars & A Wish 

Until then...

Love love love xxx

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  1. Jennifer Lawrence has a really funny personality and that's why I love her too.

    xx, | Latest post: Propolis For Acne

    1. I know she's hilarious. I think she would be the best friend ever. I just love her haha. My girl crush on her is pretty serious xx


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