Thursday, 13 February 2014

Why I will continue to wear heels and people can just damn well deal with it....

Recently I went out on a rare night out clubbing with my friends, all was going well until a dear, dear friend (and sadly one of the biggest sexist pig I have the misfortune of knowing) said to me quite out of the clear blue sky that I am frighteningly tall (I am 5ft7 barefoot, in heels I can be anywhere between 5ft11 and 6ft) and that is the reason I rarely pull on nights out. This angered me for three reasons... 1. It clearly never occurred to him that maybe I don't want to be pull some randomer I met in a club. 2.  If I did then I am perfectly capable of approaching someone myself . And 3. He blamed me for my height, which is not something I can control.

Heels make me feel confident and sexy, two things I am sorely lacking in my everday heel-less life. Whilst I am not the most graceful of people nor am I nearly hardcore enough to last the whole night without changing into flats at least once, I don't see how something giving me confidence is a bad thing. Nor do I understand why my  height is so "threatening". I am a inch taller than the average woman. One measly inch which elevates me from average to "frighteningly tall".

 I have never felt insecure about my height, despite being the tallest woman in my family by a good 5 inches, but this comment made me feel like an monstrous giantess, crushing all the prettier more delicate  females beneath my ungainly heels. And then I thought... f**k him if he wants to be intimidated by my height then let him. I refuse to kowtow to someone else's insecurities. I love wearing heels, I love the way they make me feel about myself. So I will continue to wear them and anyone who has a problem with that can suck it :)
Until next time love love love xxx

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