Friday, 21 February 2014

Not Another Happy Ending: A Review

Today I thought I would review the film Not Another Happy Ending starring the beautiful Karen Gillan and the equally beautiful Stanley Weber.

Not Another Happy Ending tells the story of writer Jane Lockhart; who following the immense success of her first novel is suffering from writer's block whilst writing her second. Jane's obnoxious yet exquisitely gorgeous publisher Tom believes this is due to her happiness so makes it his mission to make her life a misery. In doing so Tom (who's French by the way, ooh la la) starts to realise that he is love with her. The problem is Jane finishing the novel means that there won't be a reason for Tom to see her anymore (that and Jane's dick boyfriend, the aptly named Willy).

Not only was this film both funny and clever with some incredibly romantic moments, it also featured some amazing vintage fashion rocked by the fabulous Miss Gillan and an excellent soundtrack (particularly the song Crash Land by Twin Atlantic)

I won't give away the ending because I think everyone should watch it but it is amazing. I've watched it repeatedly and it is now one of my favourite films. If ever a film was underrated this one is. Karen Gillan is amazing as the tortured and incredibly talented Jane and Stanley Weber is wonderful and gorgeous as the slightly mean-spirited but unbelievably sexy Tom. I love RomComs but they're something of a guilty pleasure because they can be so cheesy but Not Another Happy Ending isn't at all, it was brilliant. If you haven't seen it you can watch the trailer below but trust me y0u're gonna wanna watch it. 

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