Saturday, 15 February 2014

Maybelline Color Show in Coral Craze

I have been using my much talked of make up ban as a reason to make the most of the make up I already have. Particularly where nail varnish is concerned. My nail varnish collection has reached the dizzingly high number of 170 and I am pretty sure that I have used less than half.

   Maybelline Color Show in Coral Craze

I bought this at the height of my nail varnish obsession last year (it was bad guys) and I've never used it. I have 7 Maybelline Color Stay polishes and haven't used any of them, so I thought I would test out Coral Craze first to get me in the mood for spring.  The colour is absolutely gorgeous and had a really smooth formula that made it super easy to apply. On the downside it did take 3 coats before it became opaque and has already begun to chip even though I only painted them a few hours ago, however I think the colour is beautiful and more than makes up for what is lacking.

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