Saturday, 6 July 2013

What Would Beyonce do?

I apologise for my prolonged absence, I could use a number of excuses but the truth is I just haven't had the motivation recently. Nail varnish isn't inspiring the words it once did. But I am back now, ready to turn over a new leaf and get my creative juices flowing. And I have one person to thank for this...


I bet no one saw that coming. Now I have mentioned some of my girl crushes before and as a firm believer of spreading lady love I have extolled the many virtues of some of these glorious women (read it here). But Beyoncé...she absolutely takes the cake.

Is there anything Beyoncé can't do? I was thinking this after I went to see the movie Epic - it certainly lived up to it's name - and I just thought yes in fact there is something Beyoncé can't do - actually doesn't do is more accurate - she doesn't give up. If Beyoncé wants something she goes out and works her determined and fabulous arse off for it until she gets it. She doesn't give up at the first sign of trouble. And from now on neither will I.

I have been told before that I tend to give up too easily even if it's something I really want or care about. Sadly I am a bit of quitter. Well no more. I don't want to look back on my life years from now and hate the fact that I gave up on something I really loved because it was too hard or because I didn't have the time for it. From now I shall be making time for my blog and for all the other things that I want to do but thought would be too hard or time consuming. Not to spout a load of clichés but nothing worth doing is easy and life is too short not to grab it by the back of the neck and give it a great big kiss on the lips and that is what I will be doing from now on and whenever I feel myself slipping back into my old habits and giving up at the first hurdle I will think of one simple thing to keep me on track: What Would Beyoncé Do?! WWBD?!

Mrs Carter you have taught me a valuable lesson, thank you xxx

I promise guys you will be hearing a lot more of me from now on. I am sorry.

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