Monday, 1 April 2013

Sunshine nails

Hello! It's been a while hasn't it? I should really start scheduling some blogging time into my day to day life because I do not do this nearly as much as I want too!

Anywho those of you who follow me on twitter will know that I like to go shopping and when I shop I tend to spend a sizeable chunk of my meagre earnings on beauty products so I thought I'd start by using some of my newly acquired fabulousness starting with... nail polish, specifically Rimmel London's I Heart Lasting Finish in Sunshine 280 (centre) and sharing the results with you lovely lot.

(L - R: Nails Inc in Glamour Glitter, Rimmel in Sunshine, O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow)

I was in Superdrug one miserable, drizzley day when I spotted this colour. In the past I have avoided yellow polishes because I have found them to be quite watery no matter how many coats you apply and this one is no exception. When I first used this particular colour it took 4 coats and it still wasn't completely opaque. However after following the advice of a friend I applied two coats of white nail polish before painting them yellow - I used O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow (top right.) I was sorely tempted to leave my nails this colour. How cool do they look?                                     

But then I decided that frankly I've had enough snow and I wanted to see if it actually worked or not and it does! I waited 15 minutes for the Alpine Snow to dry before I painted on two coats of Sunshine. Just 2 coats and it was completely opaque! I love it! The colour is absolutely gorgeous and just looking at my (stubby, little) nails with this colour on it totally brightens up my day, plus it’s called Sunshine which is something I sorely need – I feel like it’s been winter forever!

I then waited half an hour before I decided that whilst I loved my sunshine-y nails they could really use an accent nail and I had a bottle of Glamour Glitter by Nails Inc (top left) that I had been dying to try out for ages. Normally I don't use a lot of glitter polishes as I find it nearly impossible to resist peeling or chewing it off. But this one is really good, it's not so glittery that I want to pick it off my nails and the clear base is quite thick so it's like adding a top coat that just happens to sparkle, which is ideal for nail biters like me. However the downside to this is that it takes quite a few coats to build up a decent layer of glitter.

 I am so happy with the results! My nails look so cute! Despite their pathetic length. Does anyone have any tips to stop biting? I'm trying but failing.

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 Love love love xxx

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